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Internet Duct Tape is my personal blog. I enjoy programming as a hobby, and creating software to automate simple tasks. The software is organized by the websites they interact with. You can find the latest updates about my software projects on it’s own blog called IDT Labs.

You can get frequent updates about all of my new software, tools or blog themes by subscribing to IDT Labs by RSS or by email. Or you could just subscribe to my main blog, Internet Duct Tape.

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Quite a few of these are extensions to the Firefox web browser using Greasemonkey.

  1. How to Install Greasemonkey
  2. How to Install a Greasemonkey Script


Head directly to the service you’re looking for.

Any Blog Software (Blogger, WordPress, etc)

Del.icio.us (bookmarks)

Digg (social voting)

Facebook (social networking)

Flickr (photography)

Friend Feed (social networking)

Gmail (email)

Google Reader (RSS bookmarks)

Reddit (social voting)

RSS (news feed)

Tumblr (microblogging, bookmarks)

  • Tumblr Cleanr – delete your Tumblr account [downloadable program]
  • Tumblr Digest – get an RSS feed of your last X regular/text posts in the past Y days [RSS+Yahoo Pipes]

Twitter (instant messaging)

  • Quotably Relinker – go to quotably.com instead of twitter.com when clicking on direct links to tweets to see the entire conversation [FireFox+Greasemonkey]
  • Friend Feed Twitter Client – better Twitter support in Friend Feed [FireFox+Greasemonkey]

StumbleUpon (bookmarks, social voting)

Technorati (blog search/ranking)

Userscripts.org (Greasemonkey script hosting)

WordPress (blogging)

This all work for WordPress *and* WordPress.com bloggers

WordPress.com (blogging)

Xbox 360 (gaming platform)

Yahoo Pipes (RSS manipulator)

  • Yahoo Pipe Cleaner – clean the output of Yahoo Pipes to make it easier to cut-and-paste [FireFox+GreaseMonkey]

Full List of all of my Software

  1. How to Install Greasemonkey
  2. How to Install a Greasemonkey Script

Internet Duct Tape is a blog about programming, technology and making the social web work for you.

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