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My Favorite Albums of 2007

Posted in Geeking Out, Music, MP3s and Internet Radio, Technology by engtech on January 29, 2008

New Year’s Resolutions for 2008: release my “Best of” lists in the beginning of January, not at the end of January.

I’m sad to say that I listen to the same genre of music I did ten years ago. The list is all electronic music (house/electro) and if that isn’t your bag then you should skip it. All links go to last.fm previews of the music unless otherwise noted.

How to Make Your Own List in iTunes

Your very own “Best of 2007” list is only a smart playlist away.

  1. File >> New Smart Playlist (or Ctrl-Alt-N)
  2. Set a range of dates from Jan 1 to Dec 31

iTunes Smart Playlist - Year in Review

I tried to include videos for each of the artists, so this post is video heavy.

Click on the More link to go to the music + videos.