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Become an Excel ninja

This is a follow-up to the previous tips for Microsoft Word.

It covers:

  • Formulas
  • Show formulas
  • Filling
  • Special formula syntax
  • Paste values
  • Logic
  • Conditionals
  • Look ups
  • Offset
  • Substrings

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Ten things every Microsoft Word user should know

The general gist is that most people treat word processors like a typewriter instead of using the software features to automate a lot of the styles they would be attempting using manual formatting. Having recently come off of writing a 70 page technical document, some of these techniques are so dead-on. Although I feel that “How to turn off auto-format” should be the first point, since that feature alone causes the greatest number of headaches when writing documentation that is going to contain code examples.

General Disarray » Blog Archive » Ten things every Microsoft Word user should know

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