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Presenting: Black and Blue and Read All Over

Posted in CSS and Web Design, Request for Comments, Technology by engtech on July 18, 2007

I’ve been tweaking my blog theme furiously in preparation for the Sandbox CSS Design contest. Again I have to say that I have the utmost respect for web designers. Making a good blog design that looks nice is hard work. But I feel that I’ve gotten a lot better since I touched CSS for the first time, and the recent incarnation of IDT has many improvements over the existing style.

  • Top header bar uses a much better technique for the buttons
  • Global style reset so it should look the same between all browsers
  • Support for asides (not that I use them often)
  • Support for pretty-printing
  • Georgia headings and Verdana text (thanks to these tips)
  • Styling on the navigation links between posts
  • Still readable in 640 width and 800 width
  • General reduction in hacks

So please step out of your web browser and let me know about any pages that are looking wonky. Please cut-and-paste the link to whatever page looks wrong and mention the web browser you are using.

In general site news I’ve gone back to having a front welcome page, instead of having the latest post on the front page. I feel it gives people a better introduction to the site. I desperately need to weed my categories, but that’s a job for another week.

Request for Comments: Which RSS Reader and Why?

Posted in Request for Comments, Technology by engtech on March 15, 2007

loving the readers

I have a post later today about different RSS readers, but before I get to it I want to find out what my readers are using. If you’re particularly passionate about your RSS reader software I’d love to hear why you feel that way. If you’re particularly passionate against RSS I’d love to hear that also.

Please leave a comment or a trackback.

Feed Reader Stats According to WordPress.com

Google Feedfetcher: 47.5%
Bloglines: 13.7%
NewsGatorOnline: 5.5%
Netvibes: 4.4%
FeedDemon: 0.8%
NetNewsWire: 0.8%

Feed Reader Stats According to FeedBurner

Google Feedfetcher: 39%
Bloglines: 9%
Firefox Live Bookmarks: 8%
Netvibes: 6%
NewsGatorOnline: 4%

Q+A: What is your favorite online web comic?

Posted in Humor, Request for Comments, Technology by engtech on January 31, 2007

I think online web comics and blogging go hand-in-hand. I find it very interesting how people express themselves and ideas using computers as a medium.

I’ve always been a fan of comic books and cartoons (I’m still an awkward teenager at heart). Here are some of my favorite web comics.

If you have some favorites, I’d love if you’d mention it in a comment on this post, or by posting your favorites on your blog and sending a trackback (maybe this can start a meme). My interest in web comics is coming to the forefront because of my own desire to create one.

UPDATE: I decided to ask the same question on Reddit.

My Favorite Online Web Comics

Not Quite Web Comics But Still Cool

  • Drawn! isn’t really a comic, but it is a blog that showcases artists. Very inspirational.
  • Indexed is a collection of graphs on index cards. A great way to convey ideas. If you like XKCD you’ll like Indexed.
  • PostSecret is a staple of the Internet.

Recent Discoveries from Best of Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards

What web comics do you enjoy? Drop a comment or post the list on your blog.

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It’s All About You — Reader Survey Results

Posted in Building a Community, Request for Comments, Technology by engtech on January 29, 2007

Two weeks ago I participated in the International Delurking Week and asked my regular readers to fill out a survey and post some thoughts about where my site has been going, and where they’d like for it to go in the future. Here are the results.

Reader Poll for Regular Readers — Please delurk and respond

Posted in Request for Comments, Technology by engtech on January 11, 2007

This is a post intended to find out some information on who reads my blog. Please stop lurking and take the time to answer these four very quick questions. It will take less than 30 seconds to complete. I’d like everyone who is a regular reader to answer.

Click the link that best answers the question. Links will open in a new window. Sorry for the lack of humourous answers, I’m going for accuracy. :)


Friday Feedback: What is the worst tech gear you’ve ever bought?

Posted in Gadgets, Request for Comments, Technology by engtech on August 04, 2006

We’ve all done it. Whipped out the plastic in the heat of the moment without doing the proper research, and then kicked ourselves for months afterwards as problem after problem reared it’s ugly head. You tell me yours, and then I’ll tell you mine. Here’s a hint: it involved BestBuy, Boxing Day and not realizing that Compaq and HP are the same company now.

Leave a comment with your horror story of the one piece of tech equipment you wish you’d never laid eyes upon, much less paid cash for. No registration is necessary to leave a comment, just put whatever username/email address you want.

If this goes well, I’ll be repeating the process every second friday with a new question. See the comments on this post at some time in the next 24 hours for my horror story.