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Posted in Best of Feeds by engtech on May 03, 2008

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This is my weekly collection of the best stuff I saw on the Internet. You can follow this list of links as I post them on Friend Feed or on Twitter. Or you can get the weekly update by subscribing to Internet Duct Tape using RSS or using email.

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  • [FRIENDFEED] Who Are You? v0.4

    This is a massive update to the Who Are You? script. This script is insanely useful for browsing your friends and strangers on Friend Feed.

    • shows who they are on all of their servicesshows which friends you have in commonshows which friends you don’t have in common
    • Adds a “Who are you?” link on profile pages AND on that little popup box when you hover over a name.Clicking on the link

    If you use the script from someone’s profile page, you’ll get the little user popup on all of their friends (which you can then use to browse all of THAT person’s friends).

  • [FRIENDFEED] Show Usernames

    Because I find it annoying as well having 12 friends with the exact same first name and no last name.

  • [FRIENDFEED] Import Your Twitter Contacts v0.0.4

    I’ve updated my Twitter importer to v0.0.4.The new version does a better job of guessing who your Tweeps are on Friend Feed.

    It also supports setting up the username / passwords on the command line so that you can make a schedule task to run the program.

  • [REDDIT] Rusty Pipes Are Flowing Again

    Some of my old pipes for Reddit.com are working again.Reddit Feed Redirector will make the links in a reddit RSS feed go to the comments page instead of the item linked.

    Social Site Submission Watchdog keeps track of when your site is added to Digg/Reddit.

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