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Posted in Best of Feeds by engtech on April 26, 2008

Weekly Links

This is my weekly collection of the best stuff I saw on the Internet. You can follow this list of links as I post them on Friend Feed or on Twitter. Or you can get the weekly update by subscribing to Internet Duct Tape using RSS or using email.

This Week at Internet Duct Tape

Internet Duct Tape is my blog where I talk about software, technology, blogging and other geeky subjects.

  • What Have You Done For You Lately?
    For Earth Day this year I decided I was going to try to make a real change by commuting to work under my own power instead of using my car. I’ve been riding a wave of endorphin high as my body goes through the shock of experiencing exercise again for the first time in a long while. I can feel the winter doldrums lifting [1], and I asked myself: when was the last time I did something that makes a positive change in my life?
  • Lifestreaming 101 – Don’t Cross the Streams

    History has a tendency to repeat itself, mostly because the inventors weren’t old enough to have been around the first time. Having a blog is the same as having a BBS twenty years earlier; using Twitter is the same as using IRC. Of course there are differences [1], but progress is built on the shoulders of giants.Like how 2007 was the year of microblogging, 2008 is the year of lifestreaming. People are becoming more comfortable with the idea after learning to swim in Facebook’s pond [2], and they’re ready to start swimming into the raging rivers of the public Internet. But before these neophyte tadpoles start eating flies, there’s one thing they need to learn:

    Don’t cross the streams.

  • How to Import Your Twitter Contacts to Friend Feed
    I’ve commented before that Friend Feed makes for a really sweet Twitter client because of the way it threads replies and how easy it is to reply to another user. The only problem is trying to find all of your Twitter contacts on Friend Feed.

    I’ve written a program that uses Google’s social graph to find the links between Twitter users and Friend Feed users. Download the program, run it, enter your passwords and watch it find and subscribe to all of your Tweeps on Friend Feed.

  • Delicious Links – 20 links – blogging, google, webdev, marketing, lifehacks

This Week at IDT Labs

IDT Labs is where I announce new software tools I’m working on.

  • [FRIENDFEED] Import Your Twitter Contacts v0.0.4

    I’ve updated my Twitter importer to v0.0.4.The new version does a better job of guessing who your Tweeps are on Friend Feed.

    It also supports setting up the username / passwords on the command line so that you can make a schedule task to run the program.

  • [REDDIT] Rusty Pipes Are Flowing Again

    Some of my old pipes for Reddit.com are working again.Reddit Feed Redirector will make the links in a reddit RSS feed go to the comments page instead of the item linked.

    Social Site Submission Watchdog keeps track of when your site is added to Digg/Reddit.

  • [FRIENDFEED] Tweak Refresh Rate

    This was a request from Tony because he wanted to change how often Friend Feed autorefreshes and reloads the page. The default setting is 2 minutes, but I’ve created a Greasemonkey script where you can tweak the value (to over 2 minutes).

  • [WORDPRESS] Big Excerpts

    I’m not quite sure on what planet having a 4 line text entry for the Excerpt field on WordPress blog posts is usable. On my planet you need to be able to see what you’re typing. Especially when you have to enter the HTML by hand.

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