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Delicious Links – 20 links – blogging, google, webdev, marketing, lifehacks

Posted in Best of Feeds by engtech on April 21, 2008

Weekly Links

This is my weekly collection of the best stuff I saw on the Internet. You can follow this list of links as I post them on Friend Feed or on Twitter. Or you can get the weekly update by subscribing to Internet Duct Tape using RSS or using email.

This Week at Internet Duct Tape

Internet Duct Tape is my blog where I talk about software, technology, blogging and other geeky subjects.

  • Who Moved My Cheese? The New WordPress Admin Interface
    Two of my blogging heroes and inspiration Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky have joined together on a new venture called StackOverflow: overflowing with awesomeness. They are also doing a weekly podcast, and you can download the first 45 minute podcast here (8 MB). In the discussion, Joel makes a great comment: Windows Vista gives you change without giving you any value. As a Windows XP user there is no compelling reason to upgrade because you’re going to have to relearn where everything is, but you don’t get any new and compelling features or applications to offset that.

    This perfectly explained my resistance to the new WordPress 2.5 admin interface.

  • Put a Copyright Notice in Your RSS Feed
    As a blogger, your content is going to end up being stolen and republished on the Internet. It’s a fact of life, there’s nothing you can do about it. One thing you can do however is put a copyright notice in your RSS feed with FeedBurner.
  • Delete It – Tips for Managing Information Overload
    We’re deep into the beginning of the Information Age, as you can see from the propagation of information aggregators like Google Reader and the meta-aggregators like Friend Feed. There’s only one tip for handling information saturation that has any success: delete it.
  • Delicious Links – 20 links – google, blogging, wordpress, twitter, lifehacks

This Week at IDT Labs

IDT Labs is where I announce new software tools I’m working on.

  • [FRIENDFEED] Tweak Refresh Rate

    This was a request from Tony because he wanted to change how often Friend Feed autorefreshes and reloads the page. The default setting is 2 minutes, but I’ve created a Greasemonkey script where you can tweak the value (to over 2 minutes).

  • [WORDPRESS] Big Excerpts

    I’m not quite sure on what planet having a 4 line text entry for the Excerpt field on WordPress blog posts is usable. On my planet you need to be able to see what you’re typing. Especially when you have to enter the HTML by hand.

  • [FRIENDFEED] Hiding the Oldies

    Hides any entries older than a week from your Friend Feed.

  • [FRIENDFEED] Put Alert Thingy and Twhirl to bed
    I wrote a script that humorously changed the ‘via Application’ messages on Friend Feed to say “in bed”.

This Week at Ruby, eh?

Ruby, eh? is where I blog/tumble about the Ruby programming language.

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