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Posted in Best of Feeds by engtech on April 06, 2008

Weekly Links

This is my weekly collection of the best stuff I saw on the Internet. You can follow this list of links as I post them on Friend Feed or on Twitter. Or you can get the weekly update by subscribing to Internet Duct Tape using RSS or using email.

    This Week at Internet Duct Tape

    Internet Duct Tape is my blog where I talk about software, technology, blogging and other geeky subjects.

    • Battery Charged or Not
      The problem: It’s 3am and the wireless mouse has run out of juice. Scrounging through the battery drawer shows 13 double-A’s, but none of them have a charge.
    • Controlling Your Privacy
      Today I tried out a new service by one of the smartest guys I know, Michael Geist. It’s called iOptOut and it’s a gateway for Canadians to voluntarily put themselves on do-not-call lists *before* the company contacts you, as well as giving you a legal recourse for when they call you anyways (those bastards). Within hours of signing up for the service I got 8 calls from 1-480-543-1171. Spooky coincidence.
    • Presenting: Livejournal Theme for WordPress
      You know the story. You’ve been using LiveJournal since 1999. It’s your home. You’re familiar with it. You’re on the list of notable LiveJournal users. But times they be a changin’. You’re friends are all leaving LiveJournal for WordPress because it’s a better C-M-S (whatever that is). You’ve switched to WordPress, but everything looks strange and confusing.

      Don’t worry, as usual engtech has your back.

    • How to Get an RSS Feed for your XBOX 360 Gamertag
      My geek want of the day is getting an RSS feed of my Xbox 360 game activity so that I can use it with lifestreaming services. I’m not sure why Microsoft doesn’t make an RSS feed of your Xbox Live activity available. The information is all there, they publish it as a gamercard. But they don’t give you access to the raw data to do with as you please.

      Here are the various ways you can access your Xbox 360 Gamercard to use with other websites.

    • Delicious Links – 20 links – friendfeed, blogging, javascript, psychology, startup
      This is my weekly collection of the best stuff I saw on the Internet.

    This Week at IDT Labs

    • [FRIENDFEED] Easy Unsubscribe v0.1
      Add an unsubscribe link to individual user pages.
    • [FRIENDFEED] Who Are You? v0.1
      Show more information about who people are beside their profile picture.
    • Sneak Preview
    • [FRIENDFEED] Even More Expander v0.3
      – Bug fix: had problems if there were several “more >>” links.
      – Bug fix: didn’t work well with pagerization
    • [FRIENDFEED] By Service v0.5
      – Dynamically grabs the list of services once per day.
      – It should always display the latest services.
      – When you’re on a users’ page, it’ll add options to filter by the specific services they use.
      – When you’re on the main page it will hover in place in the sidebar
    • [FRIENDFEED] Remove Visited Links v0.4
    • Hides the visited links using Friend Feed’s “hide entry” function. The entry will be hidden across multiple computers. You can see the hidden entry at the bottom of the page using the normal “show hidden entries” mechanism.How awesome is this? When you read Friend Feed at work, you don’t see the same entries when you come home because it’s persistent across different computers (since it’s using the FF site itself).When you read reddit, digg, stumbleupon etc you don’t see the same links in Friend Feed.This is the bees knees when it comes to improving the signal-to-noise ratio on Friend Feed.
    • [FRIENDFEED] Twitter Client v0.4
      – Will show the correct character count when tweeting from FF. Counts down from 140 instead of 104 :)
      – Will show tweets as being from ‘idt’.
    • [WORDPRESS] Auntie Spam and Comment Ninja updated for WP 2.5
      Auntie Spam
      and Comment Ninja are updated for WP 2.5. They are still backwards compatible with WP 2.3
    • [TWITTER] Redirect direct links to tweets to use quotably
      Quotably is a neat-o service that provides threaded conversations on Twitter. This greasemonkey script will automatically convert any http://twitter.com/*/statuses/* link to go to Quotably instead.

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