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Digest for December 2007 and January 2008

Posted in Monthly Digest, Technology by engtech on February 15, 2008

Monthly Digest

Every two months I publish a digest post collecting the best of Internet Duct Tape. You can also see the Digest for November 2007.

One Year Ago

Here are some articles that are still timeless.

Monthly Digest

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Delicious links

My weekly link posts. Lots of gems in here.

Popular Posts

What’s hot.

  1. 7 Tips to Optimize Windows XP for Gaming
  2. Fat Blogging 101 – Weight Loss Tips
  3. Why Open Source Software Sucks
  4. Online Survival Guide: 9 Tips for Dealing with Idiots on the Internet
  5. Stupid iTunes Tricks – How to Burn a MP3 CD with Folders
  6. 9 Ways to Know When to Jump Ship at a Startup
  7. Rules of Thumb for Writing
  8. My Favorite Albums of 2007
  9. How to Play Downloaded Videos on Your iPod
  10. The Canary in the Coal Mine of Open Source Software

Most popular of all time


Free software I’ve been working on.

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