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Best of Feeds – 13 links – geek, marketing, blogging, software

Posted in Best of Feeds by engtech on November 17, 2007

RSS feeds are like cookies (that are good enough for me). Best of Feeds is a weekly collection of the best stuff I saw on the Internet this week. They’re saved on delicious and stumbleupon and cross-posted to Twitter and Tumblr as they happen and then collected together on Saturdays. I don’t blog on the weekend so read these links instead.Subscribe to //engtech to see this every week (or get it by email).


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This Week at Internet Duct Tape

This Week at IDT Labs

  • [AKISMET] Akismet Auntie Spam v2.09
    • I’m done. I swear. Not going to touch it for a month. Promise. 2007/11/15 version 2.09 – bug fix: vanilla WordPress and WordPress.com return spam results a little differently 2007/11/15 version 2.08 – bug fix: fixed a stupid debug statement that was breaking 2.07 – added menu option for…
  • [AKISMET] Akismet Auntie Spam v2.07
    • Because why shouldn’t a new release happen within hours of the last one? 2007/11/15 version 2.07 – bug fix: improved slowness of displaying hidden comments – added menu option for checking for updates right now – added menu option for configuring how much spam to download at a time for modem…
  • [AKISMET] Akismet Auntie Spam v2.06
    • Our favorite Auntie has a new version. 2007/11/15 version 2.06 – optimized, optimized, optimized – only displays 5000 comments per page to avoid stressing slower computers – will work for any language (not just english anymore) – any additional slowness is because of a bug on the WordPress end that…
  • [YAHOO PIPES] Yahoo Pipe Cleaner v1.1
    • Yahoo Pipes changed their website on me and I’ve fixed Yahoo Pipe Cleaner so that it works with the new site. Now it also removes image thumbnails that were popping up. It might not run on all Yahoo Pipes because some pipes now have custom URLs — let me know if you are having any problems using…

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  3. […] Best of Feeds – 13 links – geek, marketing, blogging, software […]

  4. […] Best of Feeds – 13 links – geek, marketing, blogging, software […]

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  6. […] Best of Feeds – 13 links – geek, marketing, blogging, software […]

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