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Digest for September 2007

Posted in Monthly Digest, Technology by engtech on October 01, 2007

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  • [DELICIOUS/STUMBLEUPON] Delicious Stumbles crossposting tool

    Last Greasemonkey script this week :) With Delicious Stumbles I get all of the super-useful features I like about delicious (speed, recommended tags) but I also teach StumbleUpon more about what I like without having to spend all that time cutting-and-pasting between two accounts. Submit a page…

  • [WORDPRESS] Comment Ninja

    My WordPress Comment Ninja extension is available for beta test. Try it out and let me know what you think! Respond directly from the comment administration panel on your dashboard Respond by comment, email or both (without having to cut-and-paste your response!) Respond using your email…

  • [AKISMET] Akismet Auntie Spam Helper for Akismet v2

    Version 2 is out, but you probably already know that. Read more about it. Akismet Auntie Spam is a maintenance script for WordPress administrators. One of the problems with the Akismet spam protection service is that sometimes it misidentifies a real comment as spam. WordPress has a spam recovery…

  • [FLICKR] Cut-and-paste to blog with CSS classes and credit link

    Makes it easy to do an OLE cut-and-paste Flickr photos to your blog (ie: WordPress using TinyMCE) and give the proper attribution This script makes it easy to cut-and-paste photos from Flickr into your blog while still including a credit link to the photographer. creates CSS classes around images…

  • [PHOTOBUCKET] Log Me In Already!

    Takes you directly to your album if you visit http://photobucket.com while already logged in. Because it’s too annoying to have to click “My Album” every time. IDT Labs is a blog for news announcements about software, tools or blog themes created by InternetDuctTape.com . Subscribe…

  • [GMAIL] Quickly Open Compose Mode

    Turns off clutter when directly composing gmail messages (IE: clicking on a mailto link) One thing that annoys me about Gmail is how slow it can be to load. This becomes a real problem when you force all mailto: links to open in Gmail. Gmail Quick Compose redirects all “compose mode” links…

  • [WORDPRESS.COM] Stats for Pages

    This is a Greasemonkey script that adds stats to the Edit Pages panel on WordPress.com. IDT Labs is a blog for news announcements about software, tools or blog themes created by InternetDuctTape.com . Subscribe to InternetDuctTape by RSS or subscribe by email .

Digest for August 2007

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