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Best of Feeds – 35 links – design, programming, blogging, socialsoftware, javascript

Posted in Best of Feeds, Technology by engtech on September 01, 2007

RSS feeds are like cookies (that are good enough for me). Best of Feeds is a weekly collection of the best stuff I saw on the Internet this week. They’re saved on delicious and stumbleupon and cross-posted to Twitter and Tumblr as they happen and then collected together on Saturdays. I don’t blog on the weekend so read these links instead.Subscribe to //engtech to see this every week (or get it by email).


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This Week at Internet Duct Tape

  • Using Mind Maps to Explore User Interaction
    • I’m “fortunate” to work at one of those companies where meetings are a way of life. Not only do meetings happen daily, but everyone and their dog is invited. Well, until one of the dogs bit an intern. Now the dogs are free to keep working on their projects, but everyone else is still…
  • WordPress.com Command Diagrams
    • I’ve created two useful diagrams for WordPress.com bloggers and more important for people who offer support in the WordPress.com help forums.
  • Digest for August 2007
    • Every month I publish a digest post collecting the best of Internet Duct Tape.
  • Do Anything: 3 Steps for Success
    • One of the strangest things about growing older is coming to terms with the idealism and certainty you had as a teenager compared to the reality of who you’ve grown into. I grew up in a house full of books on what I’d now refer to as lifehacks: books on happiness, psychology, time…
  • Canadian Marketing, Media, and Digital Blogs Tournament
    • Internet Duct Tape is proud to be a part of the 1% Army Canadian Blogging Tournament. I’m part of division A: Online/Digital/Tech/Web 2.0. As part of the tournament I need to submit a three example posts from 2007. Can you help me decide?
  • Best of Feeds – 37 links – lifehacks, tips, productivity, programming, blogging
    • Tags: advice, blogging, design, development, geek, hacks, happiness, humor, internet, lifehacks, paulgraham, productivity, programming, rss, search, software, tips, workhacks, writing

This Week at IDT Labs

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  1. […] I’ve read this article some time ago. I thought it’s great, but I didn’t bookmarked it. Several times did I try to look it up again but couldn’t find it, until today, I saw the link at engtech. […]

  2. Rob Hiller said, on September 03, 2007 at 11:02 am

    Thanks, useful links! Espesially about digg, I searched it info.

  3. Links untuk hari Ahad said, on September 15, 2007 at 5:51 pm

    […] 35 pautan menarik tentang design, programming, blogging, socialsoftware dan javascript. [Sumber dari 1Khz […]

  4. […] 35 pautan menarik tentang design, programming, blogging, socialsoftware dan javascript. [Sumber dari 1Khz […]

  5. John1080 said, on July 17, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    Very nice site!

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