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Posted in Best of Feeds, Technology by engtech on August 25, 2007

RSS feeds are like cookies (that are good enough for me). Best of Feeds is a weekly collection of the best stuff I saw on the Internet this week. They’re saved on delicious and stumbleupon and cross-posted to Twitter and Tumblr as they happen and then collected together on Saturdays. I don’t blog on the weekend so read these links instead.Subscribe to //engtech to see this every week (or get it by email).


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This Week at Internet Duct Tape

  • Revolutionizing the Web with Firefox and Greasemonkey (with screenshots)
    • A greasemonkey is a mechanic who works on your automobile. He gets his hands dirty, and goes under the hood to find out why your car is making that clunking noise. Greasemonkey is an extension for Firefox that does much the same thing, but without the ridiculous fees.
  • Google’s Social Network Orkut Gets a New Look
    • The social network Orkut that Google launched in January 2004 (based on a personal project by a Google engineer) is launching an updated look.Remember the first time that you logged into orkut? Maybe you received a coveted invitation from a friend, heard about it in a blog, or stumbled upon it when…
  • How to Install a Firefox Extension (with screenshots)
    • One of my favorite features of Firefox is that users can modify it with extensions. No matter what it is you want to do or change about a web page, there is undoubtedly an extension out there already that does it for you. Someone has gone to through all the hard work and now all you have to do is…
  • Tip: Send Amazon or iTunes Gift Certificates Anonymously
    • Have you ever wanted to send a gift certificate to someone anonymously? One of the problem with electronic transactions is that quite often they tell the recipient exactly who you are. This isn’t a problem when it comes to gifts for your family or friends, but it can be more tricky if you are…
  • What is Your Opportunity Cost?
    • Focusing on one area of your life to the exclusion of all else can be great for short term gains. But sometimes it backfires…

This Week at IDT Labs

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  1. Jason said, on August 26, 2007 at 9:39 am

    Regarding your userscript “WordPress Recent Comments Widget Finder”: I installed it and I love the concept. (I must be one of the ten.) But I don’t see the menu item that opens 5 random wordpress.com blogs. Am I missing something?

    I promise I won’t become a spammer. I currently use the “Tag Surfer” feature on the dashboard to connect to other WP.com bloggers. I know this script will help me to do more of that.

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