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Best of Feeds – 58 links – programming, tips, business, code, design

Posted in Best of Feeds, Technology by engtech on July 28, 2007

RSS feeds are like cookies (that are good enough for me). Best of Feeds is a weekly collection of the best stuff I saw on the Internet this week. They’re saved on delicious and stumbleupon and cross-posted to Twitter and Tumblr as they happen and then collected together on Saturdays. I don’t blog on the weekend so read these links instead.

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  • [DESIGN] Color Scheme tool
    (steeldolphin.com, 3836 saves, 100 inbound links, diggs)

    • Like Adobe Kuler only not as flashy… I find it more usable if not as pretty.
    • (color, design, webdesign, tools, css)
  • [LIFEHACKS] ikea hacker
    (ikeahacker.blogspot.com, 2314 saves, 100 inbound links, diggs)

    • A blog devoted to going above and beyond the general use of ikea furniture.
    • (ikea, furniture, diy)
  • [WEBDESIGN] YSlow for Firebug
    (developer.yahoo.com, 1437 saves, 100 inbound links, 21 diggs)

    • This is an add-on from Yahoo for the essential Firebug add-on for Firefox. It gives you additional reasons why your web site is loading slowly.
    • (firefox, performance, firebug, yslow)
  • [LIFEHACKS] 10 Articles That Changed My Life
    (lifereboot.com, 1085 saves, 34 inbound links, 1039 diggs)

    • One guy writes about things he’s read on the Internet that inspired him.
    • (inspiration, lifehacks, advice)
  • [HUMOR] 15 Unfortunately Placed Ads
    (oddee.com, 821 saves, 100 inbound links, 5259 diggs)

    • Advertising doesn’t always go well with content.
    • (humor)
  • [DESIGN] Five Principles to Design By
    (bokardo.com, 787 saves, 100 inbound links, 15 diggs)

    • From the article: ” The litmus test. When people enjoy Art, they say –I like that–. When people enjoy Design, they say –That works well–. This is not by accident. Good Design is something that works well.”
    • (design, webdesign, usability)
  • [WORKPLACE] How to Win at Office Politics
    (bnet.com, 660 saves, 51 inbound links, diggs)

    • Five steps for surviving office politics.
    • (career, politics, tips, workhacks)
  • [LIFEHACKS] Motivation: Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret
    (lifehacker.com, 631 saves, 100 inbound links, 2524 diggs)

    • From the article: ” I’ve often said I’d rather have someone who will take action – even if small – every day as opposed to someone who swings hard once or twice a week. Seinfeld understands that daily action yields greater benefits than sitting down and trying to knock”
    • (productivity, motivation, seinfeld, tips, lifehacker)
  • [GOOGLE] Hack Attack: Back up your Google Apps data
    (lifehacker.com, 451 saves, 44 inbound links, 733 diggs)

    • Google does a good job of backing up, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
    • (google, gmail, backup)
  • [FACEBOOK] 12 Ways to Use Facebook Professionally
    (webworkerdaily.com, 400 saves, 68 inbound links, 845 diggs)

    • Similar to what I’ve been talking about. Facebook can be more useful for connecting to your professional network than LinkedIn, so watch what you do with it.
    • (facebook, tips, business)
  • [SLEEPHACKS] How to Wake Up Without an Alarm Clock
    (wikihow.com, 354 saves, 60 inbound links, diggs)

    • From the article: ” Fingernails screeching down a blackboard, the shrill tones of the Emergency Alert System, Carrot Top: few things are as obnoxious as an alarm clock.”
    • (sleep, lifehacks, sleephacks)
  • [CODE] 19 Eponymous Laws Of Software Development
    (haacked.com, 329 saves, 72 inbound links, 77 diggs)

    • One of the more entertaining reads I’ve had about programming in a while. Worthy of the Best Software Writing II.
    • (programming, development, software, quotes, humor, code)
  • [ENGINEERING] Understanding Engineers: Feasibility
    (fishbowl.pastiche.org, 293 saves, 69 inbound links)

    • From the article: ” ‘Very Hard’ is usually reserved for the class of problem that if you solved it, you could change the world. Or at least build a successful business on top of your solution.”
    • (engineering, problems)
  • [RSS] Get More Out of Google Reader
    (lifehack.org, 181 saves, 26 inbound links, 83 diggs)

    • Overview of things to do with Google Reader.
    • (google, rss, googlereader)
  • [PHOTOS] Migratr
    (callingshotgun.net, 100 saves, 18 inbound links, 5 diggs)

    • Freeware app to migrate from flickr to google picassa
    • (flickr, photography, software)
  • [JAVASCRIPT] DOM JavaScript Cheat Sheet
    (wait-till-i.com, 77 saves, 25 inbound links)

    • Cheatsheet of the DOM for accessing webpage elements with Javascript. Useful for Greasemonkey hacking.
    • (javascript, dom, cheatsheet, reference, webdev)
  • [STARTUPS] Top Web Apps in Canada
    (readwriteweb.com, 70 saves, 39 inbound links, 3 diggs)

    • A look at Canadian web startups.
    • (web2.0, canada, startups)
  • [DELICIOUS] Putting the Del.icio.us Lesson into Practice, Part I
    (bokardo.com, 66 saves, 12 inbound links)

    • From the article: ” The Cold-Start Problem is when you launch your site and nobody uses it. When this happens, you’re probably focusing too much on the social value and not enough on personal value.”
    • (del.icio.us, socialnetworking, socialsoftware, design)
  • [TSHIRTS] TDigger – Digg For T-Shirts
    (tcritic.com, 63 saves, 37 inbound links, 5 diggs)

    • Frickin awesome idea. Voting for best t-shirts. I like “Malfoy is a douche bag”
    • (tshirts, digg)
  • [STARTUPS] The 5, 10, 20 year plan
    (37signals.com, 59 saves, 12 inbound links)

    • From the article: ” The best business advice I’ve ever heard was this: –Focus on the things that won’t change.– Today and ten years from now people will still want simple things that work.”
    • (business, philosophy, planning, startup)
  • [CSS] How To: Optimize Your Site with Image Sprites
    (paulstamatiou.com, 43 saves, 7 inbound links)

    • CSS hack for image sprites. I think I’m going to replace all of the icons on my site with this.
    • (css, Sprites, howto, optimization)
  • [CODE] To Those About to Hack
    (hacknot.info, 42 saves, 14 inbound links)

    • Allegory about the dangers of jumping into the code without thinking first. VERY well written.
    • (programming, development, engineering, inspiration)
  • [HIRING] Code Critique as an Interview Tool
    (hupp.org, 41 saves, 8 inbound links, 25 diggs)

    • More real world examples of how asking someone to critique a code example with known faults is more useful then getting them to write code (except for new grads)
    • (interview, programming, code, interviewing)
  • [TWITTER] Yard Sale – Twitter’s value is in casual communication
    (randsinrepose.com, 36 saves, 19 inbound links, 2 diggs)

    • Why is Twitter useful? This is a question many people ask.
    • (twitter, social, community)
  • [WORKHACK] Simple Email Hack: Get Your Questions Answered
    (instigatorblog.com, 31 saves, 4 inbound links, 14 diggs)

    • Many people don’t write effective emails. Ben has 3 tips on how to write an email and get the answer you are looking for.
    • (lifehacks, workhacks, email, tips)
  • [LISP] lispnd7.png
    (img264.imageshack.us, 29 saves, 9 inbound links)

    • I am purely in the second category. The brackets in LISP scare the crap out of me.
    • (via:raganwald, lisp, humor, funny, code)
  • [CODE] Yannis’s Law: Programmer Productivity Doubles Every 6 Years
    (t-a-w.blogspot.com, 22 saves, 5 inbound links)

    • From the article: ” f you are some sort of person making technology decisions for your company or organization – “because we have always done it that way” is terrible reason for choosing any programming-related technology.”
    • (programming, productivity, code)
  • [PHOTOGRAPHY] Copyright Virgins
    (fishbowl.pastiche.org, 20 saves, 25 inbound links, 24 diggs)

    • A look at creative commons licensing and the case of Virgin Mobile using flickr photos in ads.
    • (flickr, copyright, creativecommons, CC, photography)
  • [WEBDEV] Page not found again! 404 in depth
    (ventureskills.wordpress.com, 18 saves, 8 inbound links)

    • Does your site have a 404 landing page? It should.
    • (404, webdesign, error, usability)
  • [CODE] The Business Advantage of Rails
    (gilesbowkett.blogspot.com, 16 saves, 8 inbound links, 19 diggs)

    • From the article: ” You want to bias your corporate culture against wasting time, and against putting up with problems that could be solved gracefully and easily.”
    • (programming, business, ruby, rails, rubyonrails)
  • [LAPTOPS] How to Use Your Laptop Outside
    (webworkerdaily.com, 15 saves, 13 inbound links, 1 diggs)

    • A few tips for being able to SEE your laptop in the summer sun. via:lifehacker.com
    • (tips, laptop, outside)
  • [BOOKS] Why Harry Potter Won’t be a Bestseller
    (huffingtonpost.com, 15 saves, 64 inbound links, 3111 diggs)

    • Did you know that “children’s books” are banned from the NYTimes bestseller list because they sell too well?
    • (books)
  • [SMO] Thanks for submitting my post to programming.reddit.com
    (weblog.raganwald.com, 14 saves, 7 inbound links)

    • Are all of these social networking sites destroying the fragment of the web by siloing comments somewhere else other than the original article that is being commented on?
    • (digg, reddit, del.icio.us, socialsoftware)
  • [HIGH TECH] California HQ Pics
    (paulstamatiou.com, 13 saves, 8 inbound links, 74 diggs)

    • Workspace photos from the cube farms of Digg, Flickr, Facebook…
    • (office, web2.0, photos)
  • [MOVIES] Reviewing the summer blockbusters of 2008
    (slate.com, 12 saves, 21 inbound links, 14 diggs)

    • Tired of this years crop? A sneak peak at next years movies.
    • (movies, lists, 2008)
  • [GAMERS] Best free indie games?
    (ask.metafilter.com, 10 saves, 2 inbound links)

    • Some free games that metafilter recommends.
    • (games, free, indie)
  • [WIKIPEDIA] Top 20 Creative Ways to Use Wikipedia (Part 1)
    (friedbeef.com, 9 saves, 5 diggs)

    • Wikipedia: the comic book, some Firefox extensions, different mashups and ways to search.
    • (wikipedia, hacks)
  • [TSHIRTS] Tshirt War
    (tcritic.com, 9 saves, 7 inbound links)

    • Like kittenwar, vote for the best between any two tshirts.
    • (tshirts)
  • [CODE] Ancient Wisdom
    (weblog.raganwald.com, 9 saves, )

    • frameworks evolve from dealing with the problem space, then aren’t designed or created willy-nilly.
    • (programming, frameworks)
  • [DESIGN] Win a Scholarship for Your Web Design Entry
    (collegescholarships.org, 8 saves, 13 inbound links)

    • College Scholarships is offering $5000 for a contest ending Aug 15th. Very good list of judges including Chris Pearson, Bryan Veloso, Darren Rowse, Jonathan Snook, and Paul Stamatiou.
    • (webdesign, scholarship, design, css)
  • [HIGH TECH] Haggling about the price
    (weblog.raganwald.com, 5 saves, )

    • From the article: ” And trust me on this one, if it’s about the money, you are on the road of perpetual unhappiness, where every well is dry and every inn is full, and your journey never ends.”
    • (ethics, workplace)
  • [FACEBOOK] Facebook penetration of corporate America
    (nbrightside.com, 3 saves, )

    • Google and Sun have the highest percentage of total employees on their Facebook network.
    • (business, web2.0, facebook)
  • [WRITING] Get Anyone to Read Every Word You Write With These 7 Steps
    (copyblogger.com, 3 saves, 11 inbound links, 11 diggs)

    • What does “omit the unnecessary words” really mean?
    • (writing, blogging)
  • [JAVASCRIPT] Liveblogging JavaScript Performance / Yahoo Performance Sessions From OSCON 07
    (gilesbowkett.blogspot.com, 3 saves, )

    • There are some killer javascript tips embedded in those notes.
    • (javascript, greasemonkey)
  • [TSHIRTS/GAMERS] Top Ten Video Game T-Shirts
    (tcritic.com, 2 saves, 3 inbound links, 5 diggs)

    • T-shirts for gamers, mostly old school Nintendo.
    • (gamers, tshirts)
  • [WEB2.0] What’s the Deal with Counting Users?
    (neomeme.net, )

    • From the article: ” on a valuation of $200 per user, Facebook earns $1 per user per year. In other words, an acquirer would need to run Facebook for 200 years before breaking even.”
    • (web2.0, facebook, bubble)
  • [PERL] Perl is a pretty damned good language for concurrent programming
    (t-a-w.blogspot.com, )

    • Gives some code examples on concurrent programming with Perl and explains why it might be better to code an app in Perl than erlang or ruby.
    • (programming, perl, concurrency)
  • [FIREFOX] Pick 5: Favorite Firefox extensions I recently picked and can’t live without
    (blog.labnotes.org, )

    • Automatically gets the rest of the search results without clicking next link, (real) fullscreen Firefox, location bar tweak, paragraph highlighting for dense text, automatically sizing the searchbar.
    • (firefox, extension)
  • [BLOG] Blogging – a reality check
    (winextra.com, )

    • From the article: ” The reality is that blogging is not what it was in the beginning. You won’t get rich or famous. You won’t be read by thousands and thousands of people who look for your posts with every delivery to their RSS client.”
    • (blogging, tips, reality)
  • [COMIC] Then why are you even reading it?
    (comics.com, 7 inbound links)

    • Why do people spend their time reading and commenting about things they hate on the internet?
    • (comics, pearlsbeforeswine)
  • [TSHIRTS] Free T-Shirts for News Tips at Tcritic
    (tcritic.com, )

    • Tcritic is giving away t-shirts for people who contribute content.
    • (free, tshirts)
  • [LOLCATS] quiz: which lolcat r u?
    (raincoaster.com, )

    • I am 7331 Cat. Lolzergs have nothing on you. You are swift and ruthless, cutting down whatever and whomever necessary in order to obtain the foodz.
    • (lolcats, quiz)
  • [VIDEO] xkcd comic – Computational Linguistics
    (angryaussie.wordpress.com, )

    • Mr. Angry has started doing live action videos based on xkcd comics with the permission of the creator.
    • (xkcd, youtube, comics, mrangry)
  • [FATBLOGGING] So Why Are Americans So Fat?
    (webomatica.com, )

    • Jason discusses the real reasons why north american look like teletubbies.
    • (weightloss, fat)
  • [MUSIC] HOWTO: Dump iTunes for An Open Source Upgrade
    (micahville.com, , 10 diggs)

    • Switching from iTunes to Mozilla Songbird for mp3s
    • (itunes, songbird, mp3)
  • [BLOG] It’s Not Just About Writing Great Articles, YOU HAVE TO WORK THE SYSTEM!
    (cleancutblog.com, 8 inbound links)

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll said it again — you’ve got to intelligently promote your work without being a spammer.
    • (smo, blogging, selfpromotion)
  • [SCIENCE] Contagious Obesity
    (buzzfeed.com, 3 inbound links)

    • Harvard study says that your (real life) social network makes you fat.
    • (health, weightloss, science)
  • [COMMUNITY] 10 Techniques I Used To Go From 0 To 12,000 RSS Subscribers In Seven Months – With No Ads Or Leverage
    (problogger.net, 81 inbound links)

    • Some good tips on how to get more readers to your blog — emailing them answers is an important one.
    • (email, rss, blogging)


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