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Posted in Best of Feeds, Technology by engtech on June 30, 2007

RSS feeds are like cookies (that are good enough for me). Best of Feeds is a weekly collection of the best stuff I saw on the Internet this week. I post them on Twitter as they happen and then collected together on Saturdays. I don’t blog on the weekend so read these links instead.

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  • [JAVASCRIPT] jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library
    (jquery.com, 9084 saves, 100 inbound links, diggs)

    • From the article: ” “You start with 10 lines of jQuery that would have been 20 lines of tedious DOM JavaScript. By the time you are done it’s down to two or three lines and it couldn’t get any shorter unless it read your mind.””
    • (code, javascript, readerlinks)
  • [DESIGN] Freebies Round-Up: Icons, Buttons and Templates
    (smashingmagazine.com, 2895 saves, 100 inbound links, 1154 diggs)

    • Big list of free icons for use in blog design.
    • (icons, webdesign, free, readerlinks)
  • [FLICKR] The Great Flickr Tools Collection
    (quickonlinetips.com, 2832 saves, 100 inbound links, diggs)

    • Huge list of tools for flicker users.
    • (flickr, tools, photography, web2.0, readerlinks)
  • [WEB2.0] Simple Spark
    (simplespark.com, 1980 saves, 100 inbound links, 9 diggs)

    • A web catalog of internet software applications. Want to do something? Good resource for finding a website that does it.
    • (web2.0, applications, directory, readerlinks)
  • [GOOGLE] Life at Google – The Microsoftie Perspective
    (no2google.wordpress.com, 734 saves, 100 inbound links, 1667 diggs)

    • Internal Microsoft memo talking about the downside to “life at Google” and how they could improve their perks and benefits to be inline with Google’s.
    • (google, microsoft)
  • [GEEK] The Steampunk Workshop
    (steampunkworkshop.com, 349 saves, 100 inbound links)

    • Steampunk is a subset of the cyberpunk culture using Victorian antique technology (see The Different Engine by William Gibson). This guy mods his desktop hardware to look like it’s steampunk.
    • (steampunk, diy, craft)
  • [ACTIVISIM] Let’s Watch A Girl Get Beaten To Death.
    (whedonesque.com, 236 saves, 100 inbound links, 35 diggs)

    • From the article: ” What is wrong with women? I mean wrong. Physically. Spiritually. Something unnatural, something destructive, something that needs to be corrected. How did more than half the people in the world come out incorrectly?”
    • (women, activism, josswhedon)
  • [CODE] Rhino on Rails
    (steve-yegge.blogspot.com, 130 saves, 54 inbound links, 7 diggs)

    • Steve Yegge talks about Rhino on Rails, his port of Rails to Javascript.
    • (javascript, rails, google, rubyonrails, ruby)
  • [CODE] 10 Developers For The Price Of One
    (haacked.com, 94 saves, 24 inbound links, 2 diggs)

    • From the article: ” A developer who can write code fast, but doesn’t take ownership of their projects is not very productive because they end up wasting your time.”
    • (productivity, code, programming, development)
  • [BLOG] How To Advertise on Your Blog Without (Completely) Selling Out
    (codinghorror.com, 57 saves, 25 inbound links, 17 diggs)

    • From the article: ” Is it possible to advertise responsibly, with respect for your audience– and yourself? I think it is, if you’re careful.”
    • (advertising, adsense, blogging)
  • [MARKETING] 5½ lessons that legitimate retailers can learn from pirates
    (diveintomark.org, 40 saves, 8 inbound links)

    • I too have been amazed at how stores won’t link/contain to IMDB information.
    • (movies, drm, copyright, piracy)
  • [SOFTWARE] Save Last.fm streams with TheLastStream
    (lifehacker.com, 38 saves, 14 inbound links)

    • Program for saving your last.fm radio as an MP3.
    • (last.fm, mp3, software, streaming)
  • [TECH] Management books
    (joelonsoftware.com, 30 saves, 23 inbound links)

    • Joel goes through some tech books on management, including Rands new book (that I should go buy right now)
    • (business, books, management, software, startup)
  • [IPHONE] Critical Consensus: The iPhone scorecard
    (valleywag.com, 27 saves, 72 inbound links, 1210 diggs)

    • Actually worth buying, except for the slow data rate.
    • (iphone, apple, review)
  • [iPHONE] Why You Don’t Want an iPhone — Yet
    (codinghorror.com, 26 saves, 31 inbound links, 7 diggs)

    • Never in the history of cellphones have you needed to wait for version 2.0 more.
    • (apple, iphone, mobile)
  • [HUMOUR] Top Geek 10 Phobias
    (techchickblog.com, 21 saves, 17 inbound links, 986 diggs)

    • (gekk, humor)
  • [WINDOWS] The 20 Worst Windows Features of All Time
    (pcworld.com, 17 saves, 25 inbound links, 13 diggs)

    • Annoying that you have to click through 20 times to see all of it, but a pretty good recount on the ways Windows has sucked over the years.
    • (Microsoft, sucks, windows)
  • [GAMES] Nintendo’s Wii plays the platform game
    (gigaom.com, 13 saves, 11 inbound links, 4 diggs)

    • You’ll be able to develop homebrew games for the Nintendo Wii.
    • (development, games, nintendo, Wii)
  • [STARTUPS] And then there were four.
    (xobni.com, 9 saves, 5 inbound links)

    • Founder of a startup gives a list of lessons learned
    • (startup, entrepreneurship)
  • [BLOG] A conversation with Guy Kawasaki of Garage Technology Ventures
    (blog.softwareabstractions.com, 3 saves, 2 inbound links)

    • From the article: ” Asking bloggers about anything beyond tools for bloggers is dubious as a feedback mechanism. Whatever the blogosphere says, do the opposite.”
    • (business, interview, blogging, guykawasaki, readerlinks)
  • [MARKETING] Ignore a Customer’s Lifetime Value at Your Own Risk
    (instigatorblog.com, 2 saves, 5 inbound links)

    • First rule of customer service — is the overall cost of fixing that customer’s problem worth the lifetime potential loss of completely ignoring it?
    • (customer, service)
  • [GADGETS] How to synchronize your iPod to Facebook
    (internetducttape.com, 2 saves, 4 inbound links, 3 diggs)

    • Want to show all of your friends on Facebook what you are listening to on your iPod? Want them to be able to listen to it too? This is how.
    • (ipod, apple, itunes, facebook, last.fm, lastFM, sync)
  • [BLOG] How To Avoid Being Banned By Technorati
    (andybeard.eu, 16 inbound links)

    • Technorati routinely manually removes blogs that it doesn’t feel are playing by the same rules (PhotoMatt, theme designers, widget builders). Is Technorati authority important enough to lose?
    • (technorati)
  • [LINKEDIN] LinkedIn to Save Itself From the Facebook Onslaught?
    (parislemon.com, 3 inbound links)

    • From the article: ” LinkedIn and Facebook still serve two different niches, but the gap could be quickly closing. As the Unofficial Facebook Blog notes, they are receiving many more professional “friend” requests now via Facebook than they are via LinkedIn.”
    • (linkedin, facebook)
  • [BLOG] The easiest way to stop yourself from blogging
    (thenamelessblog.net, 2 inbound links)

    • …is to over think it.
    • (blogging, tips)
  • [STARTUPS] Top 10 Website Founders’ Ages
    (techchickblog.com, , 33 diggs)

    • I’m just the right age to start a hot web property.
    • (startup, web2.0)
  • [IPHONE] The Power of Duct Tape
    (mypetfat.typepad.com, )

    • How to make your own iPhone with just a little bit of duct tape.
    • (ducttape, iphone)
  • [SPAM] Can spam be art?
    (sulz.wordpress.com, )

    • Spam paint creates art out of spam.
    • (spam)
  • [FATBLOGGING] What Most Exercise Books Wont Tell You
    (baron.vc, , 11 diggs)

    • Don’t worry about overtraining, go for broke.
    • (exercise, tips)
  • [GAMES] What Sony could do to save the PS3 AND Blu-ray right now
    (parislemon.com, 3 inbound links)

    • From the article: ” Right now critics are calling the Blu-ray dead, and ready to declare HD-DVD the winner in the format war, but if Sony cut the PS3 price that outcome could easily be reversed.”
    • (sony, ps3, bluray)
  • [BLOG] Crazy Egg Launches Confetti
    (pronetadvertising.com, 3 inbound links, 6 diggs)

    • Wish I could use this service. It gives you a heat map of how users are clicking on your site.
    • (crazyegg)
  • [SMO] Spotplex, Why it Works and Why it Doesn’t
    (pronetadvertising.com, , 1 diggs)

    • Spotplex is a new passive social promotion tool for blog owners. It shows the most popular stories on all blogs by traffic.
    • (spotplex, blogging, socialsoftware)
  • [SMO] Social Poster – Maximize Your Social Media Participation and Traffic
    (pronetadvertising.com, 26 inbound links, 217 diggs)

    • One website that will let you submit a blog post to digg/netscape/reddit/del.icio.us/stumbleupon all at the same time.
    • (digg, reddit, socialsoftware)
  • [LINKEDIN] LinkedIn Preempts Facebook with Facebook Application
    (pronetadvertising.com, 3 inbound links)

    • LinkedIn has created a Facebook app that lets you post open job postings on your Facebook profile. Good way to get referral bonuses if you use Facebook for business networking.
    • (facebook, linkedin)


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This Week at Internet Duct Tape

  • How to synchronize your iPod (or iTunes) to Facebook using Last.fm

    I’d be the first to tell you that digital music on demand over the Internet is so much more convenient then maintaining, sorting and backing up a large digital music library. Especially when web sites like Last.fm give you great artist discovery based on what you’ve already been listening…

  • CSS Tip: Building 3D Buttons with CSS for the Sandbox Theme

    An often requested tip in blog theme CSS design is how to do 3d buttons for the menu bar at the top of the page. It’s done using the common “sliding door” technique where one image is the front plus middle, and another image forms the end.

  • And we have a winner…

    Never has there been a truer mantra than “those who can’t, teach.” I might write posts about using online calendar applications, but I think by now we’ve all realized I don’t use them. That’s why I’ll do things like schedule a contest to end the day before leaving on vacation……

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    thanks for the link love. i saw some really interesting posts here.

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    Your “Best of Feeds” always ruins my plans for a non-productive weekend.
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    Hi MacGyver, glad you found our post at the Xobni blog. The post http://www.xobni.com/blog/2007/05/29/and-then-there-were-four/ got a ton of traction. Stop by again soon for more startups stories, and eventually a product !

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