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Digest for April 2007

Posted in Monthly Digest, Technology by engtech on May 01, 2007

Every month I publish a digest for subscribers who are would rather take their //engtech in infrequent chugs rather than frequent sips.

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April started off with a bang with WordPress.com using my April Fool’s idea :) My own attempt to head in a different direction with my April Fool’s LOLcats went well, with a surprising 6000-some hits. I am seriously wondering if my April Fool’s intersection between lolcats and wordpress indirectly led to ICANHASCHEESEBURGER being hosted on WordPress.com VIP? I get a warm fuzzy seeing them as the Top Blog every day.

Guest Bloggers

During April I featured a whole bunch of guest bloggers. I liked the experience, and would love to do it again. It made me realize that instead of trying to crank out 5 posts a week + 1 linkblog, I should focus on 2-3 quality posts and not worry if a day goes by without a blog post. Apparently the Internet still goes on even if you aren’t there. Who knew?

Working in Tech

Memes / Group Writing Projects

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