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Best of Feeds – 15 links – google, lifehacker, twitter, usability, design, greasemonkey

Posted in Best of Feeds, Technology by engtech on April 16, 2007

Best of Feeds is a weekly series where I link to the stuff I found interesting from my feed reader. Links are sorted based on how many people have bookmarked them on del.icio.us. They are posted on Twitter as they happen and then collected together in a single post on Saturday. I don’t blog on the weekend so read these links instead.

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This time I have 15 links from: codinghorror, destraynor, hamelife, lifehacker, mattcutts, modernlifeisrubbish.co.uk, randsinrepose, rev2, robotproject, softwarebyrob, themicrobusinessexperiment, torrentfreak, vaspersthegrate

  • [WEB2.0] 10 Most Successful Web 2.0 Startups To Date (rev2.org, 249 saves)
    • (web2.0, startups, business, startup)
  • [LIFEHACK] Ban time-wasting web sites (lifehacker.com, 246 saves)
    • (productivity, lifehacks, Firefox, lifehacker, greasemonkey, invisibilitycloak)
    • Icrease productivity by using a Greasemonkey script to ban timewasting websites (coughFacebookcough) while you are at work.
  • [GREASEMONKEY] LH Top 10: Greasemonkey user scripts (lifehacker.com, 234 saves)
    • (greasemonkey, firefox, scripts, lifehacker, gmail)
    • Lifehacker’s top ten Greasemonkey scripts. Comments provide even more suggestions.
  • [DESIGN] Usability Is Timeless (codinghorror.com, 157 saves)
    • (usability, design, webdesign, tips, codinghorror)
  • [P2P] This is How We Catch You Downloading (torrentfreak.com, 72 saves)
    • (p2p, RIAA, security)
    • how the RIAA detects who is pirating their works.
  • [LIFEHACK] 10 Ways To Procrastinate And Still Be Productive (themicrobusinessexperiment.blogspot.com, 20 saves)
    • (productivity, procrastination, tips, lifehack)
    • From the article: ” I’ve developed a list of things I can do when I’m procrastinating. The trick here is that even though I’m still avoiding the work I’m supposed to be doing, I’m still engaged in doing something useful or meaningful.”
  • [HIRING] How to Attract Software Developers that Fit Your Company (softwarebyrob.com, 16 saves)
    • (Hiring, jobs, development, Career)
    • From the article: ” After years of exploring what I love about building software I’ve realized that coding for a 17-person dot com is a far cry from building enterprise software for a 300-person credit card company. It only took me eight years to figure out why.”
  • [STATS] Understanding Traffic Statistics (Google Analytics) (modernlifeisrubbish.co.uk, 10 saves)
    • (stats, google, analytics)
    • From the article: ” For the webmaster, blogger or internet marketer, traffic reports and statistics have long been the bread and butter of performance analysis. What do all those facts and figures mean?”
  • [TWITTER] The Rules of Toys (randsinrepose.com, 7 saves)
    • (rands, twitter, usability, design, software, interface)
    • From the article: ” Twitter is a Big (Important) Toy. The first lesson is that the fact that folks can’t shut up about Twitter means there is obvious value, even if no one can articulate what that value is.”
  • [PPP] How to report paid links (mattcutts.com, 7 saves)
    • (google, links, seo, ppp, reviewme)
    • Google’s Matt Cutts gives some suggestions on report paid links (ReviewMe / PayPerPost) to Google. In the future you may get penalized in Google Search Results for participating in paid advertising schemes.
  • [SMO] The 7 Qs of Great Viral Content (modernlifeisrubbish.co.uk, 5 saves)
    • (marketing, viral, smo)
    • From the article: ” ‘Viral content’ is an awful phrase. It’s used by marketers – and generally means material designed to propagate a message or meme, usually with an eye to some commercial gain. But the content itself needn’t be a bad thing – and the qualities of grea”
  • [TWITTER] 22 Rules for Effective Twittering (vaspersthegrate.blogspot.com, 4 saves)
    • (twitter, rules)
    • From the article: ” A common tweet is: “just deleted Kevin Keyboard, his tweets were myopic and repetitious.” The rest of us are busy practicing sporadic silences, profound and erratic Tweets, and, as luck holds out, also gaining Followers.”
  • [RESUME] CVs – Lists or Literature? (destraynor.com, 2 saves)
    • (cv, resume)
    • From the article: ” The first thing that annoys me about most of these CVs is that they only contain bullet point lists. It’s more like a weak Powerpoint presentation than it is a document describing a skillset and background.”
  • [GROUP-WRITING] 25 Heart-Breaking Tracks (hamelife.com)
    • (hamelife, blog, mistakes)
    • Rory belts out DailyBlogTips’ mistakes project as a blues ballad. Wowzas!
  • [DRAWN] RobotProject (robotproject.net)
    • (drawing, cartoon, robot)
    • Witty cartoon drawings of robots.

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  1. Rory said, on April 16, 2007 at 9:00 am

    Completely honored to be among this weeks’ Best Of Feeds, engtech, and thank you. Who knew that the word “wowzas” would put a spring in my step as I went off to work this morning?

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