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Posted in Best of Feeds, Technology by engtech on March 31, 2007

Best of Feeds is a weekly series where I link to the stuff I found interesting from my feed reader. Links are sorted based on how many people have bookmarked them on del.icio.us. They are posted on Twitter as they happen and then collected together in a single post on Saturday. I don’t blog on the weekend so read these links instead.

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This time I have 20 links from: alistair.cockburn.us, angryaussie, logtar, codinghorror, copyblogger, landscape, mathewingram, mattcutts, nomorequo, northxeast, onemansblog, podtech, problogger, ryepup.unwashedmeme, sellsbrothers, sethgodin, surveylink.yahoo, webworkerdaily, worsethanfailure, zephoria

  • [PASSWORDS] How I’d Hack Your Weak Passwords (onemansblog.com, 731 saves)
    • (Security, password, hacking, hack, crack)
    • Good reminder about password security. One key thing people miss is that if you use the same username/password then it is only as strong as the security at the weakest site you use. If that site is compromised then ALL your sites are compromised.
  • [PUBLISHING] Purple Cow Redux (sethgodin.typepad.com, 66 saves)
    • (marketing, Publishing, sethgodin, book, innovation, purple, cow, viral)
    • How to virally market your product so that it stands out, but more importantly creates conversations and gets people talking about it.
  • [DEVELOPMENT] Software development as a cooperative game – AC (alistair.cockburn.us, 43 saves)
    • (programming, development, software, management)
    • I’ve thought of blogging as a game for the longest time. Stats are like experience points, readership/technorati are like levels.
  • [MOVIES] Why Does DVD Cover Art Suck So Much? (nomorequo.blogspot.com, 39 saves)
    • (movies, art, cover, design, poster)
    • Some great examples of how DVD covers have changed so much from the original posters.
  • [DEVELOPMENT] Learning on the Battlefield (codinghorror.com, 34 saves)
    • (Programming, Development, codinghorror, software, learning)
    • From the article: ” How to prepare for a career in software development. Some are students wondering what classes they should take; others have been bitten by the programming bug and are considering their next steps.”
  • [DELICIOUS] How del.icio.us is changing academic research (landscape.blogspot.com, 33 saves)
    • (del.icio.us, research, delicious, reference, academia, social)
    • From the article: ” Del.icio.us is where I make my friends, how I get the news, and where I go to trade. All this from a little server that does nothing but share bookmarks in public.”
  • [GTD] The Two-Edged Sword of Web 2.0 « (webworkerdaily.com, 23 saves)
    • (management, productivity, socialmedia, web2.0, gtd)
    • Do we really need Internet access at work? Looks like a lot of people are goofing off on websites.
  • [DEVELOPMENT] Codeplex wastes six months reinventing wheels (ryepup.unwashedmeme.com, 17 saves)
    • (programming, business, subversion, codeplex, development)
    • From the article: ” It’s more fun to write new code than read old code, but this fun wears off. After a certain initial momentum creating your new tool, you will inevitably come to a realization –this is going to take me for-fucking-ever–.”
  • [BLOG] The 9 Essential Posts that Every Blogger Should Know (northxeast.com, 16 saves)
    • (blog, blogging, ideas, writing)
    • Obvious, but worth taking a look at.
  • [HATE] safe havens for hate speech are irresponsible (zephoria.org, 14 saves)
    • (danahboyd, blog, gender, politics, women)
    • From the article: ” That incident had long-lasting effects. There were classes that i could not take because of it. I was not allowed to hold positions in the department because of it. Many people did not respect me.”
  • [DEVELOPMENT] ScobleShow: best of Joel Spolsky’s video interview (6 min) (podtech.net, 11 saves)
    • (video, interview, scoble, joelspolsky, spolsky)
    • Robert Scoble interviews Joel Spolsky. Joel was my inspiration to start this blog.
  • [CODE] Worse Than Failure – Our Dirty Little Secret (worsethanfailure.com, 10 saves)
    • (programming, development, wtf)
    • We’re all bad programmers.
  • [TWITTER] Attention stealing sites are bad candy (mathewingram.com, 5 saves)
    • (reddit, socialsoftware, twitter, web2.0, facebook)
    • From the article: ” Twitter or Facebook or even instant messaging for that matter, are a little like junk food — fast, sugar high, and give the illusion of being full.”
  • [FIREFOX] Linkify: the best bookmarklet you’re not using (mattcutts.com, 5 saves)
    • (blog, google, wordpress)
    • Firefox bookmarklet that will do a Google search on highlighted text and let you point and click your way to a hyperlink. Great tool for adding links in blogs.
  • [HIGHTECH] IT Leaders Who Inspire (angryaussie.wordpress.com, 2 saves)
    • (tech, technology, hightech, workplace)
    • From the article: ” [These are] qualities in people I have worked for and with who were capable of inspiring the best from people rather than simply demanding it.”
  • del.icio.us survey (surveylink.yahoo.com, 2 saves)
    • (del.icio.us)
    • Delicious is looking for feedback on new features. I’m a power user and there’s a lot of things they’re still missing.
  • [SUPPORT] The Microsoft Sells Department (sellsbrothers.com, 2 saves)
    • (microsoft, support, customer, development)
    • Switchboard miswires Windows Vista support call directly to developer.
  • [TECH] The IT Animal Kingdom (blog.logtar.com)
    • (tech, technology, hightech)
    • The various people you meet working in a tech company.
  • [CONTESTS] Blog Contests for Fun and Profit (problogger.net)
    • (blog, blogs, blogging, blogcontest, contest)
    • More tips and suggestions for running a blog contest.
  • [BLOG] Zen and the Art of Remarkable Blogging (copyblogger.com)
    • (zen, blog, blogging, writing, copywriting)
    • Apply zen principals to your blog writing. Detach results from action and focus on excellence of action.

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