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Get RSS Updates when your Site is Submitted to Digg or Reddit (Yahoo Pipes)

Posted in Digg, IDT Labs Software Development, Reddit, Technology, Yahoo Pipes by engtech on March 28, 2007

I’ve put together an RSS widget that I like to call Social Site Submission Watchdog. It creates an RSS feed for when people submit your site to digg.com or reddit.com. The reddit results are tweaked so that they link to the voting page on reddit instead of the page on your site. The link title indicates which site the source is coming from. I’ve also created a Reddit-only version of the Pipe.

This is an essential tool for building a dashboard for your blog.

This is an essential way to keep track of your site so that you can prep a post for the potential wave of traffic heading towards it by doing things like adding a Digg This widget. It’s also a good way for a reader to keep track of specific sites they want to support.

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Any feature requests? Leave a comment.

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  1. Alpesh Nakar said, on March 29, 2007 at 4:03 am

    Cool dude! I did this manually for digg. This is cool.


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