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Best of Feeds – 21 links – blogging, development, twitter, blog, web2.0, socialsoftware

Posted in Best of Feeds, Technology by engtech on March 17, 2007

Best of Feeds is a regular series where I link to the stuff I found interesting from my feed reader. Links are sorted based on how many people have bookmarked them on del.icio.us. They are posted as asides daily at 7pm EST and then collected together in a single post on Saturday. I don’t blog on the weekend so read these links instead.

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This time I have 21 links from: albinoblacksheep, andybeard.eu, angryaussie, avc.blogs, businessblogwire, dailyblogtips, deepjiveinterests, drivl, gilesbowkett, gracefulflavor, haacked, headrush, joshua.schachter, my.opera, nik.com.au, plentyoffish, randsinrepose, redchaos, scobleizer, thingsmyboyfriendsays, webomatica

  • [HUMOR] ..:Things My Boyfriend Says:.. (thingsmyboyfriendsays.com, 638 saves)
    • (quotes, relationships, humour, Humor)
    • From the article: ” I have a boyfriend. He’s hilarious. These are the things he says, posted on the Internet.”
  • [BLOG] Improve Your Blog’s Reach With These 20 Essential Web Utilities (haacked.com, 409 saves)
    • (blog, tools, webdesign, blogging, utilities, web)
    • From the article: ” You’ve spent hours setting up your blog on your favorite blog platform just right. Good for you! So how do you maintain your blog so that it remains at the top of its game? It turns out, there are a large number of free web utilities useful for im”
  • [BLOG] Copyright Law: 12 Do’s and Dont’s (dailyblogtips.com, 231 saves)
    • (blogging, copyright, law)
    • What is and isn’t legal for bloggers to do with other people’s content.
  • [SMM] Social Media Websites in Illustrated Form (drivl.com, 131 saves)
    • (humor, comics, digg, web2.0, cartoon, delicious, httpbaron_vc)
  • [CODE] lessons learned: autoincrement considered harmful (joshua.schachter.org, 53 saves)
    • (mysql, database, security, programming, autoincrement)
    • From the article: ” MySQL’s auto_increment, and similar features in other databases, are a powerfully useful function but are ultimately lead to problems.”
  • [TWITTER] Is Twitter TOO good? (headrush.typepad.com, 52 saves)
    • (article, psychology, social, twitter, Web2.0)
    • Twitter leads to addiction, information overload and partial attention disorder.
  • [OpenID] Too many providers, not enough consumers (nik.com.au, 45 saves)
    • (openid, opensource)
    • Most companies are breaking OpenID by providing IDs but not accepting them.
  • [CONSUME] Superdistribution (avc.blogs.com, 20 saves)
    • (consumerism, capitalism, economy, micropayment)
    • From the article: ” Superdistribution means turning every consumer into a distribution partner. It’s word of mouth marketing, referral marketing, but with one important difference. The consumer is the retailer.”
  • [HOWTO] MS Paint Tricks (albinoblacksheep.com, 10 saves)
    • (paint, lifehack, tutorial, windows)
    • Lots of hidden tips and tricks for making the most out of MS Paint.
  • [BLOG] Technorati Can’t Cope With Twitter, coComment, Blog Networks, and Blog Rolls (andybeard.eu, 10 saves)
    • (technorati, twitter, blogging, cocomment, tumblogs)
    • Technorati is broken, and Andy Beard explains why. There’s an explosion of “mini-blogging” going on thanks to Twitter, coComment (and tumblelogs, not mentioned), but Technorati doesn’t know that to do with them.
  • [DESIGN] The Business Case For Firefox (gilesbowkett.blogspot.com, 8 saves)
    • (business, firefox, strategy, development, ie)
    • From the article: ” Maintaining [web design/apps] for Firefox is simply less work than maintaining for Explorer. Less work means less cost.”
  • [HIGHTECH] When a project goes off the rails (angryaussie.wordpress.com, 7 saves)
    • (projectmanagement, management, Project, development)
    • From the article: ” Saying that there are problems with a multi-million dollar project is a great way to REALLY be the centre of attention. From this and other experiences I have learned a few things about how to be the bearer of potentially bad news.”
  • [SMM] Changing Direction – Social Networking Sites Kill the Dating Sites (plentyoffish.wordpress.com, 3 saves)
    • (facebook, myspace, socialsoftware, smm, plentyoffish)
    • From the article: ” So what to do? Social Networks are nothing more than glorified dating sites that tried a different interface and it worked and to make matters worse they make 5+ times as much money per user.”
  • [WRITING] Writers and Editors (randsinrepose.com, 3 saves)
    • (rands, writing, blogging, editors)
    • From the article: ” Yes, with each book I fully intended to find a publisher and inflict my poorly garbed stripper girlfriends on the world. But, here I am, five years after I scribed the last chapter of Culpeper and it never saw a single publisher. This is because nei”
  • [WORDPRESS] Is WordPress becoming the next Blogspot? (gracefulflavor.net, 2 saves)
    • (blogging, wordpress, wordpress.com)
    • Response to a rant that WordPress.com is becoming as bad as blogger. Good listing of what the disadvantages of WordPress.com are, I especially liked the “I’m renting, not a homeowner”.
  • [STARTUPS] The “coolness” leaving Computer Science for EcoStuff? (scobleizer.com, 2 saves)
    • (environmentalism, ecology, compsci, development, startup)
    • From the article: ” He says that the attention of the world’s biggest venture capitalists has left the computer world and moved to the world of environmentalism. Says that the attention there was on material scientists and other scientists who are coming up with ways”
  • [WEB2] Twitter: Will It Get Crushed By Its Own Banality? (deepjiveinterests.com)
    • (twitter, web2.0, socialsoftware)
    • More anti-twitter thoughts
  • [GAMES] Play Console Games On Your PC (redchaos.wordpress.com)
    • (console, gamers, emulation, virtualization)
    • Information about game console emulation software.
  • [PSYCH] Autism (my.opera.com)
    • (autism)
    • Good essay on autism. So many programmers/engineers label themselves as border-line autistics when they only show a fraction of the symptoms.
  • [BLOG] Give And Get Free Blogging Tips: Join SOAP Now! (businessblogwire.com)
    • (blog, soap)
    • Exchanging blog reviews
  • [BLOGS] Bruce Sterling: Blogs Are A Passing Fad (webomatica.com)
    • (blogs, blogging)
    • From the article: ” Am I taking someone’s job away by doing this for free? Well, I don’t know, does GAP freak out because some grandma knits socks in their spare time? You have all the power and resources behind you – knit a better sock.”

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