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Tag Cloud Generator – New Version

Posted in IDT Labs Software Development, Technology by engtech on March 12, 2007

A new version of Tag Cloud Generator is available (07/03/11)

Download it here

Sample here

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with some CSS styles not being created unless you had a lot of categories.

New Features

  • Included lots of examples of how to tweak the different options.
  • Can check for updates/bug announcements from within the program.
  • Add colours to your tag cloud (IE: a heat map)
  • Every option is configurable.
    • Choose different colours, different sizes or both for the tag cloud.
    • Control the size of the smallest and largest fonts.
      • Useful for people who do not have the CSS upgrade.
    • Control the number of different CSS styles that are created.
      • You may want more or less.
    • Display the settings used in tagcloud.html and tagcloud_css.html.
      • Good for creating examples and debugging problems.
    • Tested with various self-hosted WordPress installs — it works.

Still ToDo

  • Mac/Unix versions

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  1. engtech said, on March 12, 2007 at 6:16 am

    I’m lazy.

    Please leave all comments about this program here.

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