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Best of Feeds – 39 links – humor, google, marketing, howto, seo, tips

Posted in Best of Feeds, Technology by engtech on February 18, 2007

Best of Feeds is a regular series where I link to the stuff I found interesting from my feed reader. Links are sorted based on how many people have bookmarked them on del.icio.us. They are posted as asides daily at 7pm EST and then collected together in a single post on Saturday. I don’t blog on the weekend so read these links instead.

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This time I have 39 links from: adorablay, baron.vc, bittbox, erald, compsci.ca, cornwallseo, cs.tlu.ee, davidairey, destructoid, developertesting, dougal.gunters, eventhelix, fashion4nerds, filmschoolrejects, flickr, gizmodo, google, jeremy.zawodny, jonkenpon, linkbuildingblog, microisvjournal, nbrightside, neatorama, online.wsj, optimizeandprophesize, reviewbasics, samdelacruz, scobleizer, searchenginejournal, sliceofscifi, steve-yegge, troubleshooters, web5.uottawa.ca, webomatica, wilwheaton

  • [SMO] The Wizards of Buzz (online.wsj.com, 346 saves)
    • (digg, social, marketing, buzz, socialsoftware, socialbookmarking, stumbleupon, del.icio.us, delicious, reddit, Web2.0)
    • The most interesting part of this is the photos of the top users of digg/reddit/del.icio.us/stumbleupon.
  • [DESIGN] bittbox.com (bittbox.com, 314 saves)
    • (webdesign, design, css, free, graphics)
    • Bitbox offers a lot of design elements for free in vector formats.
  • [CODE] Optimizing C and C++ Code (eventhelix.com, 281 saves)
    • (howto, programming, c++, c, optimization)
    • Guidelines for how to optimize C/C++ code based on knowledge of how the compiler works.
  • [GADGETS] Joel Johnson Returns…to Spank Us All for Supporting Crap – Gizmodo (gizmodo.com, 250 saves)
    • (technology, gizmodo, gadgets, humor)
    • From the article: ” Stop buying this crap. Just stop it. You don’t need it. Wait a year until the reviews come out and the other suckers too addicted to having the very latest and greatest buy it, put up a review, and have moved on to something else.”
  • [CODE] The Next Big Language (steve-yegge.blogspot.com, 228 saves)
    • (programming, languages, software, coding, development)
    • Stevey on what’s need for the next big programming language.
  • [CATZ] Cats listing to electronic music (cs.tlu.ee, 167 saves)
    • (humor, images, funny, Cats, mycatbloglog)
    • I’d seen some of these before, but never all at once.
  • [GEEK] Top 10 Fashion Suggestions for Nerds (fashion4nerds.com, 154 saves)
    • (fashion, tips, clothing, geek, nerds, advice)
    • From the article: ” While creating Fashion4Nerds.com, we interviewed over 30 young women between the ages of 18 and 32 about their likes and dislikes when it comes to guys’ fashion. We even asked them to give special attention to why they consider us Nerds unfashionabl”
  • [BLOGS] JavaScript Badges and Widgets Considered Harmful (jeremy.zawodny.com, 67 saves)
    • (JavaScript, widgets, security, web, rss, mybloglog, web2.0)
    • Be happy that WP.com doesn’t allow Javascript. It’s a good, if sometimes frustrating solution to the many problems of javascript widgets.
  • [RSS] Google Reader – Common Questions for Publishers (google.com, 50 saves)
    • (google, media, reader, rss)
    • Google Reader tips for content publishers. More general info for producing RSS.
  • [SEO] The Enormous Linkbait list (cornwallseo.com, 48 saves)
    • (linkbaiting, linkbuilding, links, tips, seo)
    • ye grate list o linkbaiting tips
  • [MOVIES] How To Survive a Horror Movie! (sliceofscifi.com, 44 saves)
    • (humor, movies, funny, horror, tips, humour)
  • [NOFOLLOW] 13 Reasons Why NoFollow Tags Suck (searchenginejournal.com, 39 saves)
    • (nofollow, google, search, seo, spam)
    • Why NOFOLLOW doesn’t work.
  • [SEO] The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Web Traffic (linkbuildingblog.com, 31 saves)
    • (blogging, SEO, traffic, marketing, howto)
    • Neil rustles up some SEO links for bloggers. Good primer.
  • [SEO] 7 Rules for Landing Page Optimization (optimizeandprophesize.com, 21 saves)
    • (copywriting, SEO, optimization)
    • 1. Have a Clear and Direct Headline 2. Place High Value on Whitespace 3. Deliver Your Value Proposition with Short Direct Messaging 4. Have a Persuasive Message Directly Above the Call to Action
  • [SMO] What is social media? (scobleizer.com, 13 saves)
    • (smo, socialsoftware)
    • Scoble gives a nice small overview of what is social media.Good introduction.
  • [PERL] Perl OOP (troubleshooters.com, 12 saves)
    • (perl, oop, tutorial)
    • Very simple object oriented Perl tutorial
  • [DIGG] what happened to digg? (wilwheaton.typepad.com, 11 saves)
    • (digg, reddit, social, Culture, sucks)
    • Wil Wheaton on WTF happened to Digg’s community that now it’s a mob of vandals. Wisdom of the mobs?
  • [FEEDBACK] ReviewBasics (reviewbasics.com, 8 saves)
    • (collaboration, review, web2.0, tools)
    • cool web20 site for getting feedback on products or websites.
  • [DESIGN] Flags of contemplation (davidairey.com, 6 saves)
    • (design, politics)
    • Several flags of the world with legends describing what the colours represent to give a political message.
  • [FLICKR] Consumerist.com Using Flickr images without attribution? (flickr.com, 6 saves)
    • (copyright, flickr, photography)
    • Flickr users are up in arms about attributation. I have to admit that I’m not always the best at doing this as well.
  • [MICROISV] How To Deal With Abusive Customers (microisvjournal.wordpress.com, 5 saves)
    • (customersupport, tech)
    • From the article: ” If you weren’t so abrasive and rude, I would’ve refunded your money – even though we are under *no* legal obligation to do so. I am now marking your email address as spam and your communication will no longer get through. If you don’t want to”
  • [TEST] Testivus – Testing for the rest of us (developertesting.com, 3 saves)
    • (softwaredevelopment, testing)
    • -Less testing dogma, more testing karma -Any tests are better than no tests -Testing beats debugging -Test first, during, or after ” whatever works best for you -If a method, technique, or tool, gives you more or better tests use it
  • [GEEK] 5 Ways to say Be My Valentine to a Geek (jonkenpon.com, 3 saves)
    • (geek, humor)
  • [SEO] Flash is Nice, However Words Get You Found (blogherald.com, 3 saves)
    • (webdesign, seo)
    • Great advice. Code for the blind because search engines can’t see.
  • [COOL] Faces of Beauty? (neatorama.com, 3 saves)
    • (hotornot, beauty)
    • Using sqirlzMorph to aggregate beauty scores based on HotOrNot.
  • [CODE] 12 Computer science game project ideas (compsci.ca, 2 saves)
    • (games, coding, development)
    • Good list of projects for computer science last year courses.
  • [XBOX360] OMG Ponies! Gears of War mod chips run the game on any console EVAR (destructoid.com, 2 saves)
    • (xbox360, gearsofwar, console)
    • This really is the best console mod.
  • [NOFOLLOW] Follow you, follow me (dougal.gunters.org, 2 saves)
    • (google, nofollow, spam, wordpress)
    • Why nofollow doesn’t work, and a link to a plugin for fading nofollows.
  • [CATZ] Adorablay Animals (adorablay.wordpress.com)
    • (cats, photos, photography)
    • Adorablay collects some really cute photos.
  • [DIGG] Antisocial News? (baron.vc)
    • (digg)
    • Are “social bookmarking sites” anti-social by nature?
  • [QUIZ] Web 2.0 – am I infected ? (nbrightside.com)
    • (web2.0, quiz, questions)
    • Andy has a good quiz to see how web two-dot-oooooooh you are.
  • [MOVIES] Interview: Director Zach Snyder talks 300 (filmschoolrejects.com)
    • (movies, 300)
    • From the article: ” If you aren’t excited about the upcoming film 300, then you may want to check you pulse, because you may no longer be among the living. If you haven’t heard of 300, then get out from underneath your rock.”
  • [MARKETING] Book Notes: But Wait! There’s More! (webomatica.com)
    • (marketing, ronpopeil)
    • webby reviews a book about Ron Popeil. Looks like it’s worth reading.
  • [OTTAWA] Internet Privacy Symposium (web5.uottawa.ca)
    • (techlaw, ottawa)
    • From the article: ” INTERNET PRIVACY SYMPOSIUM — Research Findings from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s Contributions Program. Friday, February 23, 2007. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. — registration at 8:30.”
  • [PHOTOS] Royalty-free stock photography (davidairey.com)
    • (photos, photography, cc)
    • List of some royalty free stock photography.
  • [BLOG] Beme Inspires Some New Blog Vocabulary (webomatica.com)
    • (neogolisms, blog, blogging, meme, beme)
    • From the article: ” Is beme is a good enough meme to infiltrate the blogosphere, as did meme, spam, splog, flog, linkbait, blogosphere, and gaming? Maybe one way to start a beme is to make up a new term for something. Here are some additional neogolisms I just invented”
  • [PERL] Progress GUI in perl using Win32::GUI (samdelacruz.blogspot.com)
    • (perl, howto)
    • How to do a progress GUI in perl on Win32. VERY useful.
  • [PERL] Perl Best Practices (samdelacruz.blogspot.com)
    • (bestpractices, coding, perl)
    • Damian Conway’s best practices for coding in perl. Coding conventions.
  • [CATZ] MyCatBlogLog (webomatica.com)
    • (cats, mybloglog, blogs, blogging)
    • top sekrit

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  1. David Airey said, on February 18, 2007 at 4:53 pm

    Thanks for the link to my stock photography list.

    It’s much appreciated.

    Nice info by the way.

  2. adorablay said, on February 21, 2007 at 6:39 am

    Thanks so much for adding me… I feel blushed. I also really appreciate the comment about my skittles… she is doing much better, and I think she can live a long healthy life with the disease (or so the Vet says). :) I love your blog too… You always throw some great links and tips out there… wonderful job! Bravo!

  3. Anita said, on March 02, 2007 at 6:51 pm

    Great list! BTW – I love your “Don’t be a jerk” rule … if only everyone would follow it!

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