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Too much Spam – Akismet Auntie Spam for WordPress.com (Greasemonkey Script)

akismet spamI don’t know about you but my Akismet spam folder on my WordPress.com is filled to the brim (56 pages deep, which is ridiculous if you consider that anything older than 15 days is automatically deleted). It’s considered good form to take a peek to make sure that no one’s comments are being accidently deleted, but the sheer volume of spam makes that hard to do.

So I wrote a Greasemonkey script for Firefox that greatly condensed the view. With this script I can view 16 to 18 spam comments per page compared to 3 to 5 spam comments per page without it.

What It Does

  • Moves navigation bar to the bottom instead of the top.
  • Reduces text size.
  • Truncates long comments.
  • Click to open a popup with full comment.

Without it Akismet shows 3-6 comments per screenWith it Akismet shows 17-20 comments per screen

With Akismet Auntie Spam you can go from 3-6 comments per screen of text to 17-20 comments per screen of text.

Read more information and find out how to install it here.

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