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Posted in Best of Feeds, Technology by engtech on December 30, 2006

My favorite posts from my RSS reader.

  • more minimal – minimalism: the to-don’t list
    • (resolutions, lifehacks)

    I’ve become convinced that the answer isn’t just culling the to-dos — it’s cultivating a few to-don’ts. You may be able to readily imagine a few prospective to-don’ts: things which aren’t necessary; things which no longer give you pleasure.

  • The best blog posts of 2006 – destraynor
    • (programming, bestof)

    The following is a list of posts that struck a chord with me. Recalling them was very easy because their content is always fresh in my mind.

  • Abusing Amazon images
    • (amazon, images, hacks)

    Amazon.com feeds out a lot of product images, putting out the same book cover (say) in a variety of sizes and formats. This guide explains how to change the image display by changing the URL.

  • Napkin Look & Feel
    • (gui, ui, design, java)

    The Napkin Look & Feel is a pluggable Java look and feel that looks like it was scrawled on a napkin. Useful for creating mock-ups.

  • Coding Horror: The Day The Trackbacks Died
    • (blogging, trackbacks)

    Trackbacks are a way of relating conversations across websites. After you publish your post, you send a trackback to my post. This is usually handled automatically by the blogging software. Trackback links our two posts.

  • How to Build a ‘Digg Culture’ on your Blog
    • (problogger.net, digg, marketing)

    How do you build a ‘Digg Culture’ and get repeatedly on the front page of Digg over time?

    In this post I’ll share 10 ways that top bloggers do it.

  • Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)
    • (web, design, mistakes)

    1. Bad Search
    2. PDF Files for Online Reading
    3. Not Changing the Color of Visited Links
    4. Non-Scannable Text
    5. Fixed Font Size
    6. Page Titles With Low Search Engine Visibility
    7. Anything That Looks Like an Advertisement
    8. Violating Design Conv

  • Two Conceptions of Taste (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)
    • (creativity)

    Negative taste is the ability to tell when something is bad. Positive taste is the ability to make something that is good. Indeed, one might even say that there is only one kind of taste and positive taste is simply negative taste plus skills.

  • Creating Passionate Users: The Asymptotic Twitter Curve
    • (lifehacks, attention, interruption)

    We’ve all been at the brain bandwidth breaking point for the last five years. Email is out of control. IM’ing sucks up half the day. And how can we not read our RSS feeds, post to our blogs, and check our stats?

  • Neopoleon : Asleep on the Job
    • (toilet, humor)

    I woke up in my office this morning.

  • Creating Passionate Users: How to be better at almost anything
    • (thinking, brain, lifehacks, right-brain, left-brain)

    The fast-talking guy sounds smarter than the guy who understands more than he can say. If the glib always win, we all lose.

  • ::HorsePigCow:: — How I Escaped the Echo Chamber & the Results
    • (escaping, blogging, echo, chamber)

    It was probably one of the scariest things I had ever done in my blogging lifetime, but it was probably about eight to ten months ago or so that I stopped ‘chiming into the discussion’.

  • Coding Horror: Code Tells You How, Comments Tell You Why
    • (programming, code, comments, style)

    In an earlier post on the philosophy of code comments, I noted that the best kind of comments are the ones you don’t need.

  • Coding Horror: Next-Gen DVD: Are Those Additional Pixels Worth Your Money?
    • (hdtv)

    Next generation DVD formats promise a huge jump in resolution, from the 720 x 480 of standard DVD to the 1920 x 1080 of HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. DVD resolution vs. Next-Gen DVD resolutions Additional resolution is always welcome, of course. But it’s not free.

  • Drivl.com | First Drafts of Famous Movie Quotes
    • (humor, movies, quotes)

    We’ve all been there before. You’re watching a movie that has an infamous movie quote in it. Those writers couldn’t possibly have struck gold on their first attempt.

  • Tips for Better Thinking (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)
    • (thinking, tips)

    Go to the library and you’ll find whole bookcases full of books on how to write better. But look for a book on how to think better and you’ll be busy for a while. It can’t be that writing is more important than thinking.

  • The Best of Copyblogger (According to Time Magazine’s Person of the Year) | Copyblogger
    • (copywriting, bestof, link-building)

    Since the Holiday Season is upon us, and we all have better things to do than read blogs, I thought I would go ahead and shut things down for the year. And what better way to go out than with a recap of what you found notable in 2006?

  • And the List of Domains Ditched by Digg Keeps Growing — 10e20 – Search, Design & Social
    • (digg, ban)

    A few of his stories were submitted and his domain was basically labeled as spam. The result ” a lifetime banning from Digg. Don’t pass Go, don’t collect $200 ” go straight to the Digg Jail.

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