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Boxing Day is coming

Posted in Gadgets, Links, Technology by engtech on December 25, 2006

RedFlagDeals has a nice round up of all of the boxing day deals in Canada. The already have all of the boxing day flyers online. And they offer a nice reminder that some of the online store sales have started tonight (Future Shop, Best Buy, NCIX).

Online shopping is the way to go as you avoid all of the hassle (the biggest problem is trying to log on to the web site).

There are a lot of DVD, comic book trade paperback and video game sales to be had, all from the convience of your computer desk.

You might be able to use the flyers for price matching at competing stores.

Some super finds at Best Buy

  • Various internal/external hard drives at half price.
  • Half-price RAM.
  • Half-price memory cards for digital cameras.
  • Less than $20-40 for Wireless G routers.
  • $200 off Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote Control ($100)
  • $700 off Sharp 32″ AQUOS High Definition LCD Widescreen TV ($900)
  • $700 off Samsung 56″ 1080p Widescreen DLP Projection HDTV ($2400)
    • Free $250 upconverting DVD player with it
  • $600 off Toshiba 50″ Widescreen DLP Projection HDTV ($1400)
  • $100 off Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle (includes 2 games, wireless controller, hard drive and headset) ($400)
  • Movies: Heat ($6), Spiderman 1 ($7), Spiderman 2 ($7), Closer ($10), Final Fantasy ($10), Thank You for Smoking ($10), Sin City ($5)
  • PC Games: World of Warcraft ($9), Company of Heroes ($20)
  • Xbox 360 Games: Gears of War ($50), Marvel Ultimate Alliance ($40)
  • Nintendo DS $130

Future Shop

  • I/O Magic External 500 GB HD ($200, door crasher)
  • Same price on Xbox 360 holiday bundle as Best Buy, but they’re throwing in “the Outfit” game.
  • Xbox games: Halo 2 ($12), Fable ($10)


  • PC Games: Neverwinter Nights 2 ($40)
  • Rest of prices worse than Best Buy


  • 50% off nonfiction, mysteries and thrillers
  • DVDs: Harry Potter movies ($13 each), OC Season 1&2 ($48 each), Analyze This ($9)


  • Online (because they’re teamed up with amazon, they have better deals in the store)
    • Family Guy Vol 4 ($30)
  • In store
    • Hot DVDs: $5.99, up to 80% off
    • Hot CDs: $7.99, up to 70% off
    • Box sets: $19.99, up to 33% off
    • Buy 2 DVDs, Get 1 Free (selection of 100)

The Dell Canada prices are worse than Best Buy for non-computer items.

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  1. Baby Jebus said, on December 25, 2006 at 6:32 am

    Awesome link for the flyers.

  2. engtech said, on December 25, 2006 at 7:03 am

    Best Buy seems to have the best sales out of all the flyers I’ve examined so far.

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