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Digest for November 2006

Posted in Monthly Digest, Technology by engtech on November 29, 2006

It’s been almost a month since the last digest, so apologies for the size. I finally got my hands dirty with CSS and //engtech is sporting a new custom look by yours truly.

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Those That Can’t, Teach

I tackled some web browser problems with a short guide on how to remove text from the autocomplete box and how to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 (which is the #1 result on Google for “I hate Internet Explorer 7”) . You may also like this Boss Key extension for Firefox (like alt-tab for your web browser only) .

I found another great site with simple tech how to guides at simplehelp.net.

Canadian Site Blacklist

Did you know that Canadian ISPs have teamed together to block access to child pornography? Read more about the Great Firewall of Canada and Project Cleanfeed Canada. It was on the front page of Digg and Slashdot.

Literacy Rates Are Dropping

Apparently, I know how to read. Check out my review of JPod by Douglas Coupland (favorite quotes) and

On Gadgets, Gifts and Gaming

I’ve been getting ready for the Christmas season with a lot of posts on gadgets and gaming.

On Programming

On teh Interweb

One of those sites that were created for cheating social bookmarking is for sale: spikethevote.com (the anti-digg) goes for sale on ebay. Scrybe is a really awesome looking Flash-based online calendar that I’m beta testing: Scrybe Beta Update.

Google has a great webinar on Privacy on the Internet.

On Blogging

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