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The Girls of EBay and Their Playstation 3s

Posted in Games, Humor, Technology by engtech on November 25, 2006

I’ve been purposely skipping the ridiculous supply and demand story of the Playstation 3. Customers have been having a horrible time because the supply is so much lower than the demand, especially with the muggings and shootings. No one needs a console for Christmas that badly. What I find craziest about the situation is the E-bay PS3 Grey Market. One of the guys at Gizmodo crunches the numbers and comes up with the figure that 10% of shipped Playstation 3’s have ended up on E-Bay.

When you consider the opportunity for 100%-1000% profit almost guaranteed (provided you don’t accidently put the price at $9.99), it’s no surprise that this kind of activity is happening. What’s even more interesting is the marketing ploys that are being used in the now crowded E-Bay PS3 resale market. Dave Zatz has a video of the “Girls of E-Bay” with their PS3s.

(Link to video for RSS readers)

And I thought I was bad when I used pictures of women wearing tech company t-shirts instead of the standard tech company logos.

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