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Peace at Last – The Joy of Telecommuting from Home

Posted in Humor, Links, Technology, Workhacks and High Tech Life by engtech on November 08, 2006

AndyC has a funny piece on the joys of telecommuting from home. I’ll must warn you that he’s British, so he might not actually be funny — just British.

engtech on reading/watching anything British: “hahahhahaha, omg he said tea instead of coffee!! this is z0 funny! He’s typing/talking in an accent!”

That isn’t a horrible slag that Brits aren’t funny, it’s a horrible slag that I find dry wit to be the ultimate form of humour. Your millage(sic) may vary.

I never used to work from home much. When the kids were younger, my wife was at home and without a office, quiet room or even a shed, I found it difficult to concentrate. Accessing the work network over dial-up also was a significant constraint.

Now things are different. My children are both at secondary school and leave the house before I do. My wife also works and I have a broadband connection and VPN access to the office network. So, occasionally, I can save two hours commuting, sit down with a decent cup of tea, be productive and still be back home in time for tea.

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