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Common questions, simple answers, at simplehelp.net

Posted in Lifehacks, Links, Technology by engtech on November 07, 2006

Windows Mac LinuxI stumbled upon an interesting site today: simplehelp.net

Their mantra is “common questions, simple answers”. They try to provide answers to common tech questions (Microsoft/Apple focused) in the simplest manner possible. One gem I really appreciate is their screenshot simulator index. This is amazing for trying to walk a family member through issues with an operating system when you don’t have it available. It’s very well done, and best of all, simple.

They even cover the all important how to reduce memory usage in Firefox (aka “Firefox doesn’t have a memory leak”).

This is similar to my Stupid Windows Feature series:

Sample list of available screenshot simulators as of 2006/11/06:

Apple (Mac)

OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Network (Internet) Preferences
IE 5 for Mac
Safari 2.x
Mail 2.x

Microsoft (Windows)

Internet Explorer 7.0

winipcfg utility for Windows 95/98/98SE/ME

Microsoft Outlook 2002 (settings, options, adding new accounts)
Thunderbird 1.5 (settings, options, adding new accounts)

Windows 2000:
Windows 2000 Pro TCP/IP Properties
Windows 2000 Pro System Properties

Window ME:
Windows ME System Properties
Windows ME TCP/IP Properties

Windows XP:
Windows XP SP2 TCP/IP Properties
Windows XP SP2 System Properties

It’s a newish site but here’s hoping the author keeps up the work. Here’s also hoping that no family members are reading my blog and don’t realize that my “but I don’t run that OS” excuse no longer has any validity.

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