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Motivating Developers

Posted in Links, Programming and Software Development, Technology by engtech on November 04, 2006

SoftwareByRob‘s Criteria for Keeping Your Developers Happy. Goes hand-in-hand with my Programmer Productivity Tips.

  1. Set Up to Succeed. Defined problem, realistic deadlines, and being allowed to build quality.
  2. Excellent Management. Independent thinking, quick decisions, spokesman for the team, and no micro-managing.
  3. Learning New Things. Let them learn new technologies.
  4. Creativity and Problem Solving. Developers are addicted to solving the right kind of problems.
  5. Respected Opinion. Developers know their job, listen to them.
  6. Recognition. Recognize hard work and exceptional circumstances.
  7. Stuff that Matters. Projects that have a larger place in the world.
  8. Getting Stuff Done. Less process, more decisions. Minimize meetings.
  9. Legacy Constraints. Avoid technical debt that will hold you back.

>> Nine Things Developers Want More Than Money

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