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WordPress on PostSecret

Posted in Technology, WordPress by engtech on October 08, 2006

(If you’ve never visited PostSecret it’s one of the few sites on the Internet that is actually worth a damn and does something to change people’s lives)


This week’s PostSecret held a familiar screen to all WordPress bloggers and it revealed a our little ugly, dark secret. Every moment of every written post is a missed opportunity for something else in our lives. How many real connections with people in our lives have been lost from trying to create phantom connections with strangers over the Internet?

A few days ago I ranted (part humorous, part serious) about how working for a start-up sucks when it comes to crunch time and you don’t have time for anything in your life anymore. One of the points I mentioned was “Desperately trying to juggle entertaining relatives from out of town and tackling the workload.”

Wordpress on PostSecret

So far I think I’ve made the right decision this weekend and let the workload fester. It was the first day of Indian summer and absolutely beautiful outside. I spent the afternoon in a cemetery with a relative from a different continent and it was one of the best afternoons I’ve had in months.


>> PostSecret

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  1. Kristin K. W. said, on October 08, 2006 at 10:55 pm

    I actually think is easier to appricate all the life’s little things when your ‘stucked’ in work. A moment of breathing. For other people it’s just life.

    And besided, maybe you actually don’t have anything better to do than blog ;-)

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