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Posted in Statistics and Navel Gazing, Technology by engtech on October 03, 2006

This is part of a series where I take a measurement of how this blog has grown (1.5 months, 3 months, 4 months). I wouldn’t be surprised if no one finds it as interesting as me, but I think it’s kind of neat to watch a blog grow from nothing to thousands of hits a day. Since my last post on the subject I was Dugg for the first time. Now I also show up on sites like TechMeme when I comment on a popular news story. Cool!


  • 328 tags to 443 tags
  • 175 posts to 235 posts
  • 216 comments to 599 comments
  • Spam comments caught by Akismet increased from 731 spam comments to 1047 spam comments
  • Page views increased from 33,700 page views to 111,700 page views
  • Old most views in a day: 2006/08/02 with 3358 (and 1323 the week before) when my summary of Google Code Project Hosting became popular on Reddit
  • New most views in a day: 2006/09/18 with 16,437 when my post on ScheduleWorld became popular on a lot of web sites (44,000 views over the month for that page alone)
  • Average views per day increased from 750 to 1200 (before getting Dugg) to between 2000-4000 after getting Dugg
  • Technorati Stats
    • Technorati Rank from 35447 to 16000
    • Old back-links: 153 incoming links from 71 different sites
    • New back-links: 357 links from 159 blogs
  • Google search for engtech increased from position 4 to 2

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