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Seo Blackhat on how to get Dugg, and a new web service for gaming Digg

Posted in Digg, Technology by engtech on October 02, 2006

For those of you who have never tried it out, SEO Blackhat is my favorite site for learning how to drive Internet traffic. This time he talks about how to get to the front page of Digg. And he proves his mettle by getting around 3000 diggs within the first day of the post. Looks like he’s done a new site design as well. This ties in nicely with my recent series about the Digg effect on my own blog.

I wish the blog comment spammers would read SEO Blackhat so they could learn how to drive traffic to their site effectively.

>> 10 Steps to Guarantee You Make the Digg Front Page


There’s also a breaking story about a new website called User/Submitter that seeks to match Digg users willing to pay $0.50 a click with content generators who are willing to pay $20 a submission + $1 a click. I think it’s well priced in the sense that most people wouldn’t be willing to spend that much on Digg submissions, which keeps the number of transactions down, which will keep this under the radar.

This service could be attractive to company that’s spent a good amount of cash on a viral marketing campaign (like shaveeverywhere) that hasn’t gone viral yet. How much are car companies spending on stupid campaigns like johnny.ca? Spending $1000-1500 on a web service like this is a much easier way to break the initial barrier when you’re waiting for your idea virus to find it’s audience.

(Obviously I’m not above the idea of companies spending money or giving swag to receive press on the Internet)

Will the service be easy to track? Only if people are Digging crap, and a lot of it. If they’re smart the User/Submitter[1] service will filter users so that the same people aren’t always digging the same stories — make the traffic look as natural as possible. If the user base is big enough and the pay submission sites aren’t complete crap then tracking down the pattern using algorithms should be very difficult.

However, what I think will really happen is that there’ll be enough people creating various bot accounts on User/Submitter[2] who will get caught, that will in turn create a ripple effect that can be followed.
I think the social engineering approach works a lot better for most people who want to get to the front of Digg. Know your audience, find the social site that targets that audience, and then build your link bait. Interesting that both of these stories are breaking on the same day. Probably unrelated, but I wouldn’t put it past Quadzilla…

>> Digg Blackmarket

>> Spam Digg for only $20 (inaccurate headline)

[1] And if they aren’t smart, then at least they can sell the domain name to an S&M service for tech professionals.

[2] Although the required Pay Pal account will knock out 90% of the idiots who will try to spam User/Submitter.

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  2. blackhat said, on March 09, 2007 at 7:44 am

    Nice journalism, i just bookmarked everyone of these sites I love these links thanks a ton!

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