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I Digg It – Week 2 (With more Trunk Monkey)

Posted in Digg, Statistics and Navel Gazing, Technology by engtech on September 30, 2006

Two weeks ago one of my posts made it to the front page of Digg, and it gave me a massive boost in traffic. Being a geek what I found more interesting than the tiny elation of “they like me, they really really like me!” was the bigger picture:

  • How did I get to the front page of Digg?
    • It was a howto on a subject a lot of people find interesting — synchronizing calendar/contact information.
    • It was already the #1 traffic generating post on my blog.
    • Started with lifehack.org, then lifehacker.com, then the front page of del.icio.us, then got picked up by one of the top posters on digg.
  • What is the significance in terms of back-links, increasing Google ranking, and increased page views over time?
    • Social networking sites can bring a massive amount of traffic in a short period of time, but what do they do to your long term traffic?

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A Note on Data

One small handicap I’m facing (other than whatever mental handicap makes me pay attention to this stuff) is the available statistics. I only have the WordPress.com 7 day referrer log available to me. The referrer logs remove search engines and RSS feeds as sources of traffic. But that’s ok, because what I’m mostly interested is what sites people who read the article are coming from.

It’s the second week, does anyone still care?

I thought traffic would drop down to average (1200-1400 page views a day). Instead it’s held steady at 2000-4500 page views a day. This was because of other big sites coming into the picture like googlesystem.blogspot.com and downloadsquad.com. But aside from the ScheduleWorld post I had a pretty good week with getting at the head of joel.reddit.com for a while, and getting a lot of traffic to my WordPress Theme Review series.

What surprised me is that I’m still getting a good amount of traffic from digg. The del.icio.us traffic has really dropped, which goes to show that you’re either on the front page of del.icio.us or you’re no one.

There was a major jump in Technorati rating because of all this.


The ScheduleWorld article currently has 130 blogs linking to it. Only a few of the blogs have enough readers to generate any kind of noticable spike in traffic.

  • lifehack.org
  • lifehacker.com
  • googlesystem.blogspot.com
  • downloadsquad.com

The “long tail” theory as applied to blogging doesn’t seem to be holding true. Either most blogs don’t have significant readership, most people don’t click on links in blogs, or blog content goes stale so fast that once you are off the first page it’s all over. It may be that the numbers per day are too small, wordpress.com doesn’t seem to track referrers in the log with less than 4 clicks a day.

The Numbers

Site Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Totals
del.icio.us 17 22 0 10 12 9 0 70
digg.com 26 13 25 129 113 74 87 467
lifehack.org 22 13 14 20 18 35 43 165
lifehacker.com 41 23 19 29 27 31 18 188
long tail 8 0 19 34 163 56 14 294
normal traffic to article 127 70 69 192 204 182 141 985
other articles 138 68 52 50 47 431 247 1033
stumbleupon.com 5 9 0 0 0 7 0 21
techmeme.com 4 0 8 0 0 0 4 16
furl.net 0 0 5 0 0 0 0 5
chris.pirillo.com 0 0 0 36 16 18 13 83
googlesystem.blogspot.com 0 0 0 176 158 50 8 392
downloadsquad.com 0 0 0 0 534 216 51 801


The Referrers

del.icio.us 70
digg.com 467
lifehack.org 165
lifehacker.com 188
long tail 294
normal traffic to article 985
other articles 1033
stumbleupon.com 21
techmeme.com 16
furl.net 5
chris.pirillo.com 83
googlesystem.blogspot.com 392
downloadsquad.com 801

But where are the pretty pictures?

They aren’t pretty, but here are the graphs. Not quite the same high as the week before with the 2000+ referrers in one day.



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