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Staying Fit with IT: Personal Chemistry and the Healthy Body reprint

Posted in Lifehacks, Technology by engtech on September 26, 2006

Developer Dot Star has a good reprint of a 1988 article called “Personal Chemistry and the Healthy Body”
By Gerald M. Weinberg. It’s a good reminder that throwing your body out of balancing because of work/hobbies is a mental problem more than anything else.

According to Russell, perhaps the greatest philosopher of our century, health comes before all else in producing happiness. Or perhaps it goes the other way—lack of health destroys any other formula that promises success.

Underneath all the details is a simple observation. Many professional people become so devoted to their work that they destroy their health—the true substance of their “personal chemistry.”

1. Working regular hours most of the time
2. Taking time to eat properly, so as not to set a standard of working through or hurrying through lunch (or supper, if you’re violating rule number 1)
3. Never rewarding people for working excessive hours or for skipping meals, but instead rewarding people for being sufficiently well organized to finish a normal day’s work in a normal day

>> Personal Chemistry and the Healthy Body by Gerald M. Weinberg (PrintablePDF)

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