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ScheduleWorld bug fixes

Posted in Links, Technology, Web 2.0 and Social Media by engtech on September 24, 2006

Mark from ScheduleWorld posted another big update in the comments. I’m cutting-and-pasting it here to make sure people see it.

*** NEW UPDATE ***

Hello Folks,

A number of fixes are in for Google/Outlook sync as well as a new feature for auto-detecting and handling of cell phone character sets is in.

Important: If you were having duplicate issues, or issues with some events not showing up you need to reset your ScheduleWorld calendar. If ScheduleWorld is NOT your master calendar (Outlook/Google/Cell phone/Evolution/etc.. is your master calendar) then just delete your ScheduleWorld calendar and sync. All will be well. You can do this by:

1. Go to HTML day view, click preferences
2. Find the calendar you have wired up to Google and click the button that says, “Delete events and todos”. This delete action will not propagate to any other system.

If ScheduleWorld is your master calendar simply:

1. export your calendar (day view, click ‘Download’ (top right under the preferences link). If you don’t see ‘Download’ you need to go to the preferences page and enable WebDAV.

2. start everything fresh by deleting all of your Google / Outlook / ScheduleWorld / etc. calendars and then import your saved ScheduleWorld calendar (day view, click ‘import’).

CHARACTER SET ISSUES: If someone has a K600i, K700i, K750i or other phones that don’t support UTF-8 (ISO-8859-1 only) please try to sync contacts with non-ascii characters. This should work now. It has always worked with other phones that support UTF-8. Please email support@ScheduleWorld.com to report success or fail with this.

Thank you.

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