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My First Greasemonkey Script: WordPress.com Category Resizer

Posted in Firefox and Greasemonkey, IDT Labs Software Development, Technology, WordPress by engtech on September 19, 2006


The WordPress.com Category Resizer (wpcatr) is a GreaseMonkey script for Firefox and WordPress.com.

What it does

  • moves the category bar from the right sidebar to underneath the post box when creating new posts or editting existing posts
  • expands the categories to three evenly sized columns
  • removes scrollbars (you can see all categories at once)
  • adds a link to the Save button after category editting

The intended audience is wordpress.com sysopsbloggers.
Screenshots and install instructions after the break.

Figure 1: Life before wpcatr.

wpcatr wordpress.com categories

Figure 2: Life with wpcatr installed! Happiness and sunshine abounds.

wordpress.com categories wpcatr

How to install it

  1. You need to use the Firefox web browser
  2. You need to have the Greasemonkey extension installed
    1. If you really want to use it with Internet Explorer, it might work with Trixie installed
  3. You need to go here and install the Greasemonkey script

Tested with Greasemonkey 0.6.5 and Firefox

Like it? Link it!

I’m glad you find it useful. I have too many friggin’ categories (500+) and the regular size of the categories in the sidebar didn’t cut it for me.

Show your appreciation by linking to this page: https://engtech.wordpress.com/tools/wordpress/wpcatr/

Want a feature? Reporting a bug?

Post a comment here.

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