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List of wordpress.com Page Templates by Theme

Posted in Technology, WordPress.com Tips by engtech on August 27, 2006

There are only two things about wordpress.com that seriously annoy me.

  1. Lack of Edit History
    • I know I’ve been pampered from working with Revision Control Systems for so long, but so far I’ve encountered two WordPress bugs that have caused me to experience data loss. You are always in charge of making your own back-ups, but it would be nice if there was something in there to prevent things from ever getting lost.
  2. The inconsistency of Themes
    • No two themes work the same.
    • They all have subtle bugs with layout (usually unstylized elements, especially Unordered Lists).
    • Themes without Sidebar support.
    • Unnecessary narrowness of columns.
    • Most are missing page templates, which is one of the most useful things to have.

Luckily someone out there captured a list of which themes support page templates:

andreas09 (default, 2 column archives list, 2 column links list, archives list, 2 column page, links list)
benevolence (default, about)
blix (default, archives, contact)
Fauna Beta 1(default, archives)
Flower Power(default, archives, contact)
Dusk (default, archives, links)
Pool (default, archives, links)
Sandbox (default, archives, links)
sapphire (default, archives, links)
solipsus (default, archives)
supposedly clean (default, archives, links)
sweet blossoms (default, archives, contact)
white as milk (default, archives, links)
wordpress default (default, archives, links)

I haven’t double-checked it’s accuracy (I’m fairly certain that Blix also has a Most Viewed template)

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  1. drmike said, on September 06, 2006 at 12:02 am

    Wow! Someone’s not putting me on their “things that annoy them about wp.com” list. That’s a first! :)

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