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//engtech is four months old.

Posted in Statistics and Navel Gazing, Technology by engtech on August 27, 2006

It’s only been one month since the last time I posted a stats update, but a lot has changed.

  • I started using the categories feature for tagging instead of organizational categories
  • Categories increased from 75 categories to 328 tags
  • 175 posts
  • Spam comments caught by Akismet increased from 342 spam comments to 731 spam comments
  • Page views increased from ~8,000 page views to 33,700 page views
  • Old most views in a day: 2006/07/14 with ~1220 views from Programmer Productivity
  • New most views in a day: 2006/08/02 with 3358 (and 1323 the week before) when my summary of Google Code Project Hosting became popular on Reddit
  • stats_060825.png
  • Average views per day increased from 250 to 750, mainly from search engine traffic to my series of articles on my Nokia 6682, Monitor Turns Sideways, and synchronizing calendars
  • Max feed readers in one day increased from 200 to 220 on 2006/08/02 (Google Code Project Hosting)
  • Averaging feed readers per day increased from 26 to around 160
  • feed_060825.png
  • Technorati Stats
    • Technorati Rank 35447 (I was at around 95000 a month ago)
    • 153 incoming links from 71 different sites
    • dappr_060825.png
  • Google search for engtech increased from position 5 to 4
    • I was in Google top ten results for “nokia 6682 review” for a while, but now I’m in the top 30
    • That’s one problem with blogs is that high search ranking only last while content is fresh
    • I’m still in the number one position for “stupid windows features”

2006-07-31 to 2006-08-29

Title Views
The Holy Grail of Synchronization: How t 4,313
Nokia 6682 Review Part 2 of 5: Software 759
Nokia 6682 Review Part 1 of 5: Initial o 411
Dapper – screen scraping Web API for any 116

I figure it’s all downhill from here. Luckily there’s always Beats Entropy to keep me entertained.

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