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Blogging as Unofficial Corporate Representation

Posted in Becoming a Better Blogger, Links, Technology, Workhacks and High Tech Life by engtech on August 11, 2006

John Battelle has a good piece up where he transcribes a recent conference panel with Matt Cutts from Google, Jeremy Zawodny from Yahoo!, Niall Kennedy from MSN, and Gary Price from Ask. Good points were made about how company bloggers become the voice from the company – intentional or not.

Blogging has disrupted the media gatekeepers. Anyone can be a gatekeeper with the click of a button. Audiences are smaller, more dispersed, and more specific. As people take the media into their own hands there has been a positive backlash from corporate “public relations” as they scramble to find the new media sources: bloggers.

People blog because they have something to say, they want something to do, or to generate attention. As the mainstream media shifts bloggers go from reporting news to being news (case in point, this post). This is where the backlash turns from positive to negative because rarely do they want or desire the attention from “being news”.

“My exercise in figuring out where the line was repeatedly crossing it and then be told that I crossed it. Lawyers have come into my office three times.” — Zawodny.

Is that the position a blogger wants to be in with their employer?

>> John Battelle’s Searchblog: Blogging for the search engines

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  1. […] What the concerns professionals with accreditation is that they do not violate their professional code of conduct that they are required to adhere to. As one of those professionals commenting on her question engtech states that one can go from “reporting the news to becoming the news“. […]

  2. Hernan said, on September 19, 2007 at 4:53 pm

    Interesting point of view. Blogging is the new channel for information flowing.

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