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matchstick.ca is giving away Nokia 6682 Phones in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver

Posted in Miscellaneous, Technology by engtech on July 21, 2006

This is on the up-and-up. They are giving away 45 phones in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. The phone is the Nokia 6682 (although they may have other offers as well). More info on the phone can be found at http://www.nokia.ca/english/products/6682/6682.asp

  • Key multimedia features
    • 1.3 MP photos and video (up to 1hr)
    • Photo transfer via web connection, Bluetooth wireless, multimedia card or USB cable.
    • RealPlayer video/mp3 playback (.3gp, .mp4, RealMedia, mp3, aac)
    • 8 MB memory with up to 64 expansion
  • Key communication features
    • Email with attachment support for (jpeg, 3gp, mp3, ppt, doc, excel, pdf)
    • Compatible with Nokia Wireless Keyboard
    • Text messaging
    • Predictive text input
    • WAP 2.0 / HTML 4.01 Browser
    • PIM
    • Java support for apps and games (Maybe I can hit Kenji up for some free stuff from Magmic)
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth or USB

This will be my 3rd (or 4th? can’t remember) Nokia phone. I’m looking forward to it.

My Nokia 6682 Review

Original email from Matchstick

I work for a word of mouth marketing company called Matchstick and I’m
looking to give away brand new multimedia smart phones to a number of
qualified individuals and I feel you could be a great candidate. Please
have a look at the below criteria and feel free to contact me with any
questions you may have.

Thanks for your time, I hope to hear from you soon.

Matchstick Inc.
416-530-8000 x 211

I am looking for existing Rogers customers who meet the following criteria:

• Hosts a popular blog with 400+ hits a day
• A current Rogers cell phone subscriber (phone only supported with the
Rogers network)
• Between the ages of 22-35
• Keeps his/ her blog updated on a regular basis with pictures and video
• Very socially active

We think you will thoroughly enjoy this product and its features, and if
you do, we would encourage you to talk about it. If you or someone you
know fits these criteria we would love to hear from you!

P.S. Feel free to blog about this offer so fellow bloggers that qualify can benefit from this too!

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  1. […] Now this I think is an interesting idea. You see companies do this all the time with contests, so why not individual bloggers? A blogger in Italy is giving away a 60 GB Video iPod to a person at random who links to his blog between now and August 4th. It should be interesting to see how long it until this really takes off. At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a lot of incoming links. I’m sure that it will, as a free iPod seems to be the price point for most people to sell their own mother. In the long term this will probably be a much cheaper method of generating word of mouth advertising than a real ad campaign. It really seems that generating organic word of mouth campaigns is taking off as a way of dealing with the “new media”. What’s interesting about Lotek’s contest is the lack of boilerplate to protect the contest: […]

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  3. […] //engtech » matchstick.ca is giving away Nokia 6682 Phones in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver […]

  4. […] matchstick.ca is giving away Nokia 6682 Phones in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver […]

  5. ScurvyD said, on November 03, 2006 at 7:03 am

    It was great offer! I heard about it from a friend and contacted Yvonne. She set me up with the Nokia 6682 and a whole load of accessories. I have pictures on my blog that I took with the phone.

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