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Posted in Statistics and Navel Gazing, Technology by engtech on July 21, 2006

The blog has been around for three months now and it has been 2 months since I last looked at the statistics.

engtech stats 2006-07-20

  • 75 categories with 162 posts.
  • Unknown (more than 20) comments with 342 spam comments blocked by Akismet (Pretty much all of the spam is from the same idiot).
  • The blog has had ~8000 page views in 3 months.
  • Most views in one day was on 2006/07/14 with ~1220 views from when I posted my article on Programmer Productivity to reddit, digg, and blogcritics.org.
  • I was averaging around 20-50 views a day but it has increased to around 250 views a day since I followed the tips in Building an Audience.
  • RSS reader stats are showing a maximum of 200 in one day on 2006-07-14 with an average of around 26 a day.
  • A google.com search for engtech currently comes up in position #5 (up from #19 last time I checked)

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