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How Google Ranks Websites // Lorelle on WordPress

Posted in Google Calendar and Gmail, Links, Technology by engtech on July 05, 2006

This is a good breakdown of how the Google pagerank scheme works that can be of use to how to improve your position in search results and drive up traffic to your website. I was pretty floored at getting over 50 unique visitors a day within the first month of starting up this site, and even more so when I realized I was showing up in the top ten search results for some search terms.

It is pretty amazing how much Internet content is generated as a means of ego gratification.

Aside: I have a Google Analytics account that I use with another website and it really is amazing the kind of data it can capture to help you analyze your web traffic, where they are coming from, their geographical location, whether or not they are return visitors or not. Unfortunately, wordpress.com still doesn’t support it but I keep hounding them about it. WordPress itself has some decent features for tracking incoming users, but it doesn’t compare to Analytics.

Google pageranking is determined by:

  • Number of incoming links, quality of link source, age of source
  • Domain age – Older the better.
  • Click through rate – How often your site is chosen in search results.
  • Posting frequency – Post often, but not too often.
  • Keywords and keyword density – Keywords in titles, links, headings, tags, and throughout the page.
  • Rank by traffic – Traffic by site and individual pages.
  • User behaviour – How long visitors stay on your site and from what pages they exit your site. You also get points for bookmarking or adding to favorites.

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  1. […] This is very, very old news but I wasn’t using WordPress when it happened so I find it interesting there is this black eye on what I otherwise find to be absolutely the push-button content publishing software out there. It seems that at some point WordPress had teamed up with a start up to take advantage of their high Google pagerank and generate some AdSense revenue. […]

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