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How to Interview a Programmer // The Curmudgeon Coder

Posted in Hiring, Job Interviews and Resume Resources, Links, Technology by engtech on June 21, 2006

Admittedly the author’s original title was “How to Interview a Java Programmer” but I thought it was applicable to any kind of programming job.

  • what is a bit and a byte
  • primative data types and their sizes
  • data structures (Map, Set, List, Array, Tree, Graph, Stack, Queue)
  • basic OO terminology (polymorphism, encapsulation, interface, inheiratance,
  • overloading, overriding, pass by referrence, object, class, abstract class)
  • database experience (relationships, common database problems, and joins)
  • software design (coupling, cohesion, design patterns, tiered architecture)
  • write code

This is a pretty good guideline for any programming job, even verification with modern HVLs using OO methodology.Note: he mentions using the “Reverse a string in place” question, which I already covered here.

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