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Emacs, emacsclient and gnuclient.

Posted in Links, Programming Tools, Technology by engtech on June 01, 2006

For those of us who use Emacs as our text editor, there is one major problem: it’s a memory hog. That’s why it comes with a client application so you can open files from a separate process into an existing Emacs (server). This reduces the memory usage as you only have one process of the editor running. (Note: If you are already in the habit of always opening files from within Emacs instead of within a shell then this won’t really give you any enhancements). This application is called:

Although the three clients all offer the same basic functionality, it is generally considered that gnuclient has richer features.

Martin Schwenke provides a port of gnuclient for GNU Emacs at http://meltin.net/hacks/emacs/gnuserv/.

He also has a shell script called dtemacs that can integrate Emacs into a desktop environment like Gnome, KDE or CDE. If Emacs can not be contacted using gnuserv, Emacs is executed and left iconified. Either way, a new frame is opened to edit the specified files.

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