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WordPress theme round-up.

Posted in Asides, Technology, WordPress.com Tips by engtech on May 27, 2006

The theme I initially settled for was "Silver is the New Black 1.0 by Gregory Auld". The problem I had with it is that categories are displayed flat with no hierarchy. WordPress.com installed some new themes this week (1, 2).

What I'm looking for is

  • hierarchical categories
  • doesn't have "empty categories*" bug
  • uses a good amount of horizontal space (not fixed width)

What would also be nice

  • looks good
  • displays the number of posts in each category

* The "empty categories" bug is that if a parent category is empty then the child categories are not displayed.

Here are the candidates:

Name Categories? Bugs?
Dusk 1.1 by Becca Wei Flat (looks good though) Doesn't support hierarchy
Blix 0.9.1 by Sebastian Schmieg Hierarchy Fixed width, does not display categories on the posts
Connections 1.0 by Patricia Muller Hierarchy (with posts/category) Empty categories
Emire 1.0 by Phu Ly Flat (looks good though) Doesn't support hierarchy
Fresh Bananas by Jeff Wheeler Hierarchy Empty categories
Supposedly Clean 1.0 by Alvin Woon Hierarchy (if sidebar is on right) Fixed width
Sweet Blossoms 1.01 by TalkXHTML.com Hierarchy Fixed width, pink with little hearts

The show down on features is between Blix and Supposedly Clean and Blix wins. Even though they are both fixed width, Blix is wider. Also Supposedly Clean does not respect widgets properly (it shows "About Author" and "Links" even though I have those widgets removed).

It looks like Blix is the winner on technical merit, although I'm not a big fan of the colours.

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