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One and a half months in…

Posted in Statistics and Navel Gazing, Technology by engtech on May 27, 2006

So this blog has existed for approximately six weeks now. Some stats.

  • Has 52 categories with 77 posts. Most posts are in Resume Resources (13).
  • 1 genuine comment and 5 spam comments blocked by Akismet.
  • The blog has had ~400 page views in six weeks.
  • Most views in one day was 52 on 2006/05/25. (This is when it was linked from JL Gray's blog-roll).
  • Has had up to 11 20 people reading it using an RSS feed in one day. Averaging around 3 readers a day.
    • WordPress has some pretty nifty built-in statistic features.
  • It is currently showing up at position 19 when doing a google search for "engtech".
  • Has absolutely nothing to do with:
    • Any specific company (CA, BR, AU, NO, US, IN)
    • Anything other than having to pick a title for a blog and coming up with "engineering technology".

So far I am very impressed with WordPress as a content management system. Admittedly, I am using this less of a blog and more of a personal blogroll with a synopsis per link to make it highly searchable. I am probably misusing the category function as if they are tags (note that many categories only have one tag).

I have a nice hierarchal layout for categories that is not apparently to the external public because of the theme I am using, but hopefully that will be fixed in one of the newly available themes. They may still have the bug where if a parent category is empty then all the child categories do not display, in which case I'll be sticking with the current theme.

The one issue I've had with my Press It! bookmarklet is time-outs. So what I've been doing instead is saving the bookmarks I want to press until I have a good window of time to work on the blog (normally during off-peak hours) and then press them all at once.

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