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John Koza Has Built an Invention Machine

Posted in Hardware Engineering, Links, Technology by engtech on May 04, 2006

They’ve created an invention machine that uses artificial intelligence with genetic programming (algorithms that can mate and produce more successful offspring) to invent things. It actually owns patents that it has created. They’re using it to try and build a better US electoral system.

I’m very interested to see where this goes in the future. The potential to change the way the world works is enormous.

Over the past several decades, Koza has internalized that lesson as deeply as any computer scientist alive and, arguably, made more of the insight than any coder in history. Now 62 and an adjunct professor at Stanford University, Koza is the inventor of genetic programming, a revolutionary approach to artificial intelligence (AI) capable of solving complex engineering problems with virtually no human guidance. Koza’s 1,000 networked computers don’t just follow a preordained routine. They create, growing new and unexpected designs out of the most basic code. They are computers that innovate, that find solutions not only equal to but better than the best work of expert humans. His “invention machine,” as he likes to call it, has even earned a U.S. patent for developing a system to make factories more efficient, one of the first intellectual-property protections ever granted to a nonhuman designer.

John Koza Has Built an Invention Machine – Popular Science

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