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Peter’s New Jobs and BrainHunter — Finding Work in Ottawa

Posted in Hiring, Job Interviews and Resume Resources, Links, Technology by engtech on April 26, 2006

 I've been trying out Peter's New Jobs for a week and I'm very impressed with the service.

A tool designed for job searchers

Currently monitoring over 8,000 web sites, we scan each site, identify the NEW jobs that have been just posted since the previous day, record the link and job title and package them into a clean, easy to read email and send it to you each day, Monday to Saturday. It's that simple.

Don't waste your time

Just think about trying to track 100 of your favourite companies. Spending only 3 minutes per site means almost 5 hours/day just checking for jobs. PNJ tracks over 8,000 sites, the equivalent of over 350 hours of searching and packages it all up into a neat summary that you can review in less than 30 minutes each day.

The "hidden" job market

Many of the jobs captured by PNJ never appear on the public jobs boards like Monster or Workopolis since companies must pay to post on them. In today's market many companies simply rely on word of mouth. PNJ gives you the double advantage of tracking this hidden job market and knowing about them as soon as they are posted.

Only new jobs make the list

There's nothing more frustrating than wasting your time pursuing old job postings that you mistake for new jobs. That's something we all understand and hate. Our daily list includes only new jobs posted since the previous day! If the job is on our list, you can be certain that it's a new posting for the company, there's a job description and that it's less than a day old.

One thing I've noticed is they get a lot of jobs from BrainHunter.

Brainhunter is dedicated to helping employers and job seekers make best-fit connections. We are a one-stop shop specializing in providing high-growth sectors with pre-screened, top-tier contract and permanent hires.


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  1. engtech said, on August 02, 2006 at 6:07 pm

    Don’t forget http://www.techjobsottawa.com

  2. David said, on August 05, 2006 at 8:20 pm

    Well, Peter’s is a good tool. But, it is not even close to the best job search tool out there which, in my opinion, is the one provided by CareerAIM of Ottawa. Compare some basic metrics and you will see what I mean:

    According to Peter’s (their web site), they captured 7,384 jobs postings last month. CareerAIM captured 80,720 unique new Ontario job opportunities in the same period.

    The price for the service from both companies is similar. $49 from CareerAIM for all of Ontario and Quebec or $40 from Peter’s, but Peter’s only covers Ottawa and Toronto.

    CareerAIM provides powerful search engine tools that help you to find employment opportunities closely aligned with your skills and interests. With Peter’s, you have to read through thousands of lines of text in emails, wasting many hours each week. And Peter’s emails are often the target of spam filters that prevent them from reaching clients.

    CareerAIM is bilingual and provides thorough job opportunity coverage for all areas of Ontario and Quebec. Peter’s only covers of Ottawa and Toronto in English.

    Here is a complete description of the CareerAIM service provided by the company. CareerAIM provides the a job search technology that captures job opportunities daily from a large array of sources. These include corporate web sites, recruiting firms, all levels of government, internet news groups, not-for-profits, print media and commercial job boards. In addition to this, CareerAIM obtains job opportunities from a large number of companies and recruiting firms that input their staffing requirements directly into the system at no cost.

    In these ways, CareerAIM is capturing approximately 80,000 unique new opportunities each month. The majority of these opportunities are not on any commercial job posting sites. By providing access to job opportunities that are not widely known—those not advertised on commercial job posting sites such as Monster and Workopolis—CareerAIM provides you with a very significant advantage in the job marketplace.

    CareerAIM’s powerful search tools that allow you to quickly find the right employment opportunities—those closely aligned with your skills and interests—from our large database of job postings. In addition, you can use the vast archive of job data to uncover valuable insights into the regional job market trends, emerging training requirements, active industries and employers.

    You can also save and reuse search criteria and email Job Alerts will leverage both the power of the job search engine tools and the very large volume of unique job opportunities being captured by CareerAIM. These email Job Alerts may advise you within 24 hours of a relevant position being posted.
    But most importantly, CareerAIM provides effective tools that helps you find a better job faster.

    Good luck with your job search!

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