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WordPress – renaming categories bug (first bug found)

Posted in Asides, Technology, WordPress.com Tips by engtech on April 25, 2006

Well, I found my first bug with WordPress tonight. I decided to change the "Jobs" super-category to "Careers", and all of the sub-categories disappeared. Luckily, the categories still exist on the individual posts, they have just disappeared from the "Manage Categories" and "Add to Categories" views.

The work-around is to recreate the "Jobs" super-category, refresh and then the sub-categories will reappear. Manually edit them and change them to be under the "Careers" super-category, then delete the "Jobs" super-category.

The fix would be to move all sub-categories when renaming a super-category.

Note: even though this bug exists, you still want to rename the "Jobs" category instead of just creating "Careers" and moving it because there were some entries marked with "Jobs" that you want to move to "Careers".

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